MCQs About Glaciers Of Pakistan

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1  In Pakistan glaciers covered how much area of mountain regions?

Thirteen Percent (13%)

2  In Pakistan the total area covered by glaciers is


3 In Karakoram range which important glacier is located?


4 In which region of Pakistan, Siachen glacier is located?


5 In which mountain ranges Baltura glacier is present?

Karakoram ranges

6 The two important glaciers, Hispa and Biafo are present in

Karakoram ranges

7 The total number of important glaciers present in Karakoram ranges are

Six (6)

8 The other two important glaciers present in Karakoram ranges of Pakistan are

Chogo Lungma and Yengunta

9 Chiantar glacier is situated in which mountain ranges?

Hindu Kush

10  The total measured length of Siachen glacier is how much?

72.5 KM

11 Which is the largest glacier of Pakistan?


12 Name the second largest glacier of Pakistan?


13 What is the total length of Batura glacier?

64.5 KM

14 Batura glacier is present in which mountain ranges?


15 Name the longest glacier of Pakistan?



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16 What is the total length of Hispar glacier?

61 KM

17 The total measured length of Chiantar glacier is

34 KM

18 Chiantar glacier is located in which part of Pakistan?


19 What is the total height of Siachen glacier?

20,000 feet

20 Can you name the Second largest glacier of the world?




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