MCQs About Important Passes Of Pakistan

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MCQs About Important Passes Of Pakistan

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1 Name the Pass which connect Abbotabad and Gilgit?

Babusar Pass

2 Name the Pass which connects Dir with Kohistan district?

Badawi Pass

3 The highest Pass in Pakistan is

Karakoram Pass

4 The height of Karakoram Pass is

5575 meters

5 Karakoram Pass connects Pakistan with


6 Karakoram Pass connects which area of Pakistan with China?


7 The Pass which connects Sindh Plain with Quetta is

Bolan Pass

8 The Pass which connects Chitral with Wahkhan is

Baroghil Pass

9 Which Pass connects Mardan with Malakand Division?

Dargai Pass

10 Which Pass connects Dera Ismail Khan with Ghazni (Afghanistan)?

Gomal Pass

11 Which another Pass connects Chitral and Wahkhan(Afghanistan)?

Khan Kun

12 Which Pass connects Qila Abdullah with Cheman?

Khojak Pass

13 What is the height of Khunjrab Pass?

4555 meters

14 The world’s highest passes such as Khunjrab, Lawari and Shandoor are situated in which mountain range?

Karakoram range

15 Which historical Pass connects Peshawar with Afghanistan?

Khyber Pass

16 The total length of Khyber Pass is

56 Kilometers

17 Which Pass connects Gilgit with China? It is situated at the height of 427 meters?

Zagar Pass

18 Which Pass connects Peshawar with Chitral?

Malakand Pass

19 Which Pass connects Baltistan and Yarkand (China)?

Muztagh Pass

20 In which range of mountain Khyber Pass is situated?



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21 The Pass which is situated at the height of 4555 meters connecting Chitral with China is


22 Which Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit?


23 The height of Shandoor Pass is

381 meters

24 Kilik Pass is situated in

Karakoram Range

25 The Pass which connects Bannu with Ghazni is

Tochi Pass

26 The Pass which connects Dir with Chitral is

Lawari Pass

27 The highest point of Khyber Pass is

Landi Kotal

28 The height of Landi Kotal is

3500 meters

29 The Pass which connects Swat with Shangla is

Shangla Pass

30 Which Pass is also known as Toba Kakar Pass?

Khojak Pass

31 The Pass which connects Chitral with Nooristan (Afghanistan) is

Dorah Pass

32 The height of Khunjrab Pass is

4555 meters

33 Bolan Pass connects Sindh with





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