MCQs About Lakes Of Pakistan

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MCQs About Lakes Of Pakistan

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1  Lalusar lake is located in which part of Pakistan?


2 Name of the lake located near Thatta is


3 In which province of Pakistan, Keenjhar Lake is located?


4 Where is Phander Lake located?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

5 In which province of Pakistan, Manchhar Lake is located?


6 In which district of the Sindh, Manchhar Lake is located?


7 In which area of Pakistan, the Lake Saif-ul-Malik is located?


8 The name of another very important lake, located in Kaghan is

Lalusar Lake

9 Which lake is the largest lake of Pakistan?

Mancchar Lake

10 The largest fresh water lake of South Asia is

Manchhar Lake

11 Where does Wullar Lake located?


12 Which lake controls the flow of Jhelum?

Wullar Lake

13 Can you name the most beautiful lake of Pakistan?

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

14 In which part of Pakistan, Dal lake is located?

Sri Nagar

15 Hammun-e-Mashkhel is the name of

A Lake

16 What does Hammune means?

Dry Lake

17 What is Hammun-e-Lora?

A lake

18 Do you know what is Hina?

A lake

19 Hina Lake is located in which province of Pakistan?


20 Where exactly Hina Lake is located in Balochistan?

Near Quetta


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21 Kala Kahar Lake is located in which mountain ranges?

Salt Range

22 In which province of Pakistan, Hub Lake is located?


23 Where Hub Lake is located in Sindh?

Near Karachi

24 In which province Haleji Lake is located?


25 In which district of Sindh, Haleji Lake is located?


26 In which area of Pakistan, Kachura Lake is located?

Gilgit Baltistan

27 In which part of Gilgit Baltistan, Kachura Lake is located?


28 Where is Kallar Kahar Lake located?


29 In which part of Punjab, Kallar Kahar Lake is  located?


30 Sat Para is the name of

A lake

31 Where is Sat Para Lake located?


32 Where is Rawal Lake?


33 The lake called as ‘‘Paradise Of Birds’’ is

Haleji Lake

34 The man made largest lake of Pakistan is

Keenjar Lake

35 The largest fresh water lake of Pakistan is

Manchhar Lake

36 Where is Lotus Lake located?


37 The Lake of Jammu and Kashmir famous for its beauty is

Dal Lake

38 Where is Hammun-e-Lora Lake located?


39 Haleji Lake is a perennial

Fresh water lake


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