MCQs About Mountain Ranges Of Pakistan

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MCQs About Mountain Ranges Of Pakistan

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1 On the surface of the Earth, where does the oldest mountain ranges are located?


2 On the surface of the Earth, the youngest mountains ranges of the world located in


3 What is the name of the highest peak of Pakistan?


4 On the basis of height, K-2 peak is the world  __________ highest peak.


5 What is the another name of K-2 peak?

Goodwin Austin peak

6 Which mountain ranges are youngest among all mountain ranges on the surface of earth?


7 K-2 peak belongs to which mountain ranges?


8 Nanga Parbat is located in which mountain ranges?


9 Which part of earth is called the Roof Of World?

Pamir Plateau

10 Where is Pamir Plateau located?

Central Asia

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11 What is the name of mountain ranges that separated Pakistan from China?


12 What is the name of mountain ranges that separated Pakistan from Afghanistan?

Hindu Kush

13 In which mountain ranges, Nanga Parbat is located?


14 The height Tirichmir Peak is

7690 meters

15 Where is the Salt Range located?

Between river Soan and Jhelum

16 What is the height of Nanga Parbat?

8126 meters

17 The height of Himalayas mountain ranges increases from

South to North

18 The another famous name of Nanga Parbat is

Killer mountain

19 The total height of K-2 peak measured is

8611 meters

20 Where are the world’s highest passes located?

Karakoram range


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21 What is the name of highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid range?


22 At where the Hindu Kush range started?

Pamir Plateau

23 Hindu Kush ranges are situated from

North to West

24 What is the average height of Koh-e-Sufaid?

3000 meters

25 What is maximum height of the Kirthar range?

2150 meters

26 The height of Takht-e-Sulaiman Peak is

3500 meters

27 The measured height of Sakasar peak is

1500 meters

28 What is the average height of Salt range?

675 meters

29 What is the height of Potwar Plateau?

300 – 600 meters

30 What is average height of the Chaghi range?

3000 meters

31 What are some of the famous areas of Potwar Plateau?

Rawalpindi, Jhelum and Mianwali

32 Highest peak of the Himalayas range in Pakistan is

Nanga Parbat

33 Which is highest Peak of the Karakoram range?


34 Highest peak of the Hindu Kush range is


35 Which is highest peak of the Salt range?


36 Highest peak of the Koh-e-Sulaiman is


37 Average height of the Karakoram range is

7000 meters

38 Name the province of Pakistan that is located on a Palteau


39 Mountain range that separates Balochistan Plateau from Afghanistan is


40 Mountain range that lies along the border of Sindh and Balochistan is

Kirthar Range

41 Nanga Parbat means

Naked Mountain

42 The first Pakistani who climbed K-2 is

Ashraf Aman

43 What is the number of total Peaks in Pakistan that are higher than 8000 meters?

Five (5)

44 The height of Broad Peak is

8047 meters

45 The first person who climbed the Nanga Parbat was

Harman Buhi

46  Broad Peak was first climbed in


47 In which area of Pakistan, Broad Peak is located?


48 Total number of peaks in Pakistan that are higher than 7000 meters are


49 What is the other name of Gashebrum I peak?

Hidden Peak

50 ‘‘The place where heaven and earth meet’’ these words are said about which place?


51 Pakistan’s fourth highest peak is

Broad Peak

52 Most of the mountain ranges originated from

Pamir Knot



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