MCQs Of Gender Studies – Part I

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MCQs Of Gender Studies – Part I

1- According to some people women and men have ________ positions.


2-The other extreme group which believe in the absolutely equality of men and women is sometimes misinterpreted as


Gender Studies 800 MCQs

3-There is a great difference between equality and


4-How Sociologists consider ‘sex’?

Physical and physiological differences between males and females

5-What does double burden mean?

Workload of women

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6-What Gender studies means?

Academic study of the phenomena of gender

7-According to feminist a distinction between which things has been made.

Sex and gender

8-Different traits associated with the masculinity and femininity of a person defines?


Gender Based Violence And Its Forms

9-Gender Studies also examine

World on gender basis

10-What Sex refers to?

Biological and Physiological characteristics

11-What is gender?

Socially constructed roles, behavior and activities of a person

12-Under sexual division, what men and women are called?

Male and Female

13-Under gender division, what men and women are called?

Masculine and Feminine

14-Sex is natural while gender is what?


15-What does Survey mean?

extracting specific data from a particular group of people

16-What does the term status quo mean?

Existing state of affairs

17-Assertive is the generally accepted attribute of men while the generally accepted attribute of women is


What Type Of Feminism Do We Need In Pakistan?

18-According to feminists language is also


19-According to some feminists even some expressions are


20-What Patriarchy literally means?

Rule of the father

21-In Gender Studies what patriarchy means?

Social setup of Men dominance over Women

22-Patriarchy is the main concept of which Feminism.

23-When the concept of patriarchy was used by the feminists?

Early 20th

24-What is Feminism?

Movement that demands equality of women

25-Attribute associated with boys and men are called



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