MCQs Of Gender Studies – Part II

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MCQs Of Gender Studies – Part II

The following Multiple Choice Questions of Gender Studies have been collected from various sources. If you find any mistake please inform us.

1-BWOA stands for __________.

Black Women Organized for Action

2-NBFO stands for ___________.

National Black Feminist Organization

Gender Studies 800 MCQs

3-Thir Wave Feminism demanded _________.

4-Third Wave Feminism emerged in __________.


5-CSW stands for ___________.

Commission on the Status of Women

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6-CSW was established in _________.

June 1946

7-CSW was established by ___________.

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

8-UN First Conference on Women was held in __________.

Mexico City

9-United Nations First Conference On Women was held in the year _________.


10-Mexico City Conference led to the establishment of the __________ and ________.


11-INSTRAW stands for __________.

International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women

12-UNIFEM stands for ___________.

United Nations Development Fund for Women

13-CEDAW stands for _____________.

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women

14-CEDAW was adopted by the General Assembly in ________

December 1979

15-CEDAW is commonly called as ___________.

The Bill Of Rights For Women

16-The Bill Of Rights For Women now legally binds ____________ countries.


17-The World Conference of 1985 of Nairobi is considered as ___________.

The Birth Of Global Feminism

18-The Fourth World Conference on Women was held in ________ in _________.

Beijing, 1995

19-According to various surveys, under the capitalist system, women’s current average earning ratio is _______ to ______ earning of men.

$ 0.77, $ 1

20-Modernization theory has evolved in ________________ waves.


21-The first wave appeared in the ______ and _________.

1950s, 1960s

22-The second wave of modernization theory appeared in _______ and ________.

1970s, 1980s

23-The second wave of modernization theory is a part of the __________ theory.


24-The third wave of modernization theory emerged in ___________.


25-Modernization theory is largely based on the view that to develop means to become _________ by adopting ___________ and __________.

Modern, Western values, Social institutions


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