MCQs Of Gender Studies – Part II

The following Multiple Choice Questions of Gender Studies have been collected from various sources. If you find any mistake please inform us.


1-BWOA stands for __________.

Black Women Organized for Action

2-NBFO stands for ___________.

National Black Feminist Organization

3-Thir Wave Feminism demanded _________.


4-Third Wave Feminism emerged in __________.


5-CSW stands for ___________.

Commission on the Status of Women

6-CSW was established in _________.

June 1946

7-CSW was established by ___________.

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

8-UN First Conference on Women was held in __________.

Mexico City

9-United Nations First Conference On Women was held in the year _________.


10-Mexico City Conference led to the establishment of the __________ and ________.


11-INSTRAW stands for __________.

International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women

12-UNIFEM stands for ___________.

United Nations Development Fund for Women

13-CEDAW stands for _____________.

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women

14-CEDAW was adopted by the General Assembly in ________

December 1979

15-CEDAW is commonly called as ___________.

The Bill Of Rights For Women

16-The Bill Of Rights For Women now legally binds ____________ countries.


17-The World Conference of 1985 of Nairobi is considered as ___________.

The Birth Of Global Feminism

18-The Fourth World Conference on Women was held in ________ in _________.

Beijing, 1995

19-According to various surveys, under the capitalist system, women’s current average earning ratio is _______ to ______ earning of men.

$ 0.77, $ 1

20-Modernization theory has evolved in ________________ waves.


21-The first wave appeared in the ______ and _________.

1950s, 1960s

22-The second wave of modernization theory appeared in _______ and ________.

1970s, 1980s

23-The second wave of modernization theory is a part of the __________ theory.


24-The third wave of modernization theory emerged in ___________.


25-Modernization theory is largely based on the view that to develop means to become _________ by adopting ___________ and __________.

Modern, Western values, Social institutions

26-The modern World-Systems Theory originated around ________.


27-The World Systems Theory was developed by sociologist _________________.

Immanuel Wallenstein

28-According to World System Theory, core countries are ____________ countries.

Dominant capitalist

29-Peripheral countries, according to World System Theory are ______________ rich countries.

Labour and raw materials

30-Peripheral countries are also commonly referred as _____________ countries.

Third World

31-Countries that are midway between the core and periphery are called ___________.

Semi-peripheral countries

32-Semi-peripheries countries come into existence both from _________ and _________.

Developing peripheries, Declining cores

33-Historical examples of Semi-peripheries are ___________ and ___________.

Spain, Portugal

34-Dependency theory explains how a ___________ and ___________ nations interact.

Developing, Developed

35-Dependency theory was formulated in _________ in a direct challenge to __________ economic policies of the post-War era.

1950s, Free Market

36-Strain Theory discusses _________ due to the forceful prevention of people from their _______ goals.

Deviance, Culturally approved

37-People who accept the goals and institutionalized means, set by their society for them are called __________.


38- _________ are those who ________ goals set by the society but ________ the usual ways of achieving them.

Innovators, Accept, Reject

39-Ritualists ________ cultural goals but still ________ the institutionalized means of achieving them.

Rejects, Accepts

40-Retreatists _______ cultural goals as well as the __________ means of achieving them.

Reject, Institutionalized

41-Rebels not only reject culturally approved goals and the means of achieving them but they ______ them with __________.

Replace, Their Own Goals

42-WID stands for ____________.

Women In Development

43-The term Women In Development was first coined in ___________ by a ________ network of female development professionals.

The early of 1970s, Washington-based

44-WID is associated with the wide range of _______ concerning _______ in the _________ domain.

Activities, Women, Development

45-According to WID, modernization instead of ________ appeared to be contributing to the _______ of their position.

Improving women’s status and rights, Deterioration

46-One of the important demand of the Feminist under WID in United States was ____________ opportunities for women.

Equal Employment

47-WID advocates were also highlighting women’s role in ____________. For this purpose they were presenting ________ economist, ________ work, who had highlighted women’s role in the _____________ economy.

Economic development, Danish, Ester Boserup, Sub-Saharan agricultural

48-WAD stands for _____________.

Women And Development

49-WAD focuses mainly on _________ and ___________.

Patriarchy, Capitalism

50-GAD stands for __________.

Gender And Development

51-GAD focuses on __________ basis of differences between men and women.

Socially constructed

52-SAPs stands for _____________.

Structural Adjustment Programmes

53-World Bank for the first time gave Pakistan assistance of $ 25 million in __________.


54-CEDAW stands for ______________.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

55-The word ‘‘Suffragette’’ was first used in an article in a British newspaper in ___________.


56-The very initial purpose of the women’s suffrage movement was the gaining of the ___________.

Right of vote

57-ICW stands for _____________.

International Council of Women

58-ICW was formed in ________ by ____________.

1888, International women’s rights organization

59-IWSA stands for _____________.

International Woman Suffrage Alliance

60-IWSA was formed by ____________ and ___________ in ____________.

Millicent Fawcett, Carrie Chapman Catt, 1904

61-The first country which grant national level voting right to women was the self-governing British colony of _________ which passed the Electoral Bill in _____________.

New Zealand, September 1893

62-The British colony of South Australia granted full suffrage in ________ giving women the right to vote and to stand for parliament.


63-Britain’s Parliament passed the Eligibility of Women Act in __________________ which allowed women to be elected to Parliament.

November 1918

64-Ten years later (in 1928), the Representation of the People Act granted women the right to _______ in Britain.


65-Spain granted women the right to vote in __________.


66-France granted women the right to vote in ___________.


67-Belgium, Italy, Romania and Yugoslavia granted women the right to vote in ________.


68-The suffrage movement in United States gained prominence after the _________________ in __________.

Seneca Falls Convention, 1848

69-Woman’s National Loyal League was formed in ________________ by __________ and __________.

1863, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

70-NWSA stands for ___________________.

National Woman Suffrage Association

71-AWSA stands ________________________.

American Woman Suffrage Association

72-NAWSA stands for _____________________.

National American Women Suffrage Association

73- NAWSA was formed in ___________ by merging _______________ and _______________.

1890, NWSA, AWSA

74-Congressional Union was formed in_______ by _________ and _____________.

1914, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns

75-In 1916 the Congressional Union was renamed as ___________.

National Woman’s Party (NWP)

76-The widely reserved minimum percentage of women representation in any parliament is _______________.


77-As of 1st May 2015 report, the percentage of female parliamentarians around the world stood at __________.


78-_____________ has the highest number of women parliamentarians worldwide.


79-In Rwanda, women have _________ seats in lower house.


80-Gender is a term refers to _____________________ distinction between males and females.

Social and cultural

81-Today we have ___________ women parliamentarians in the 12th legislature of Pakistan which make _________ of the total representation in National parliament.

Seventy four, 21.64%

82-GBV stands for ___________.

Gender Based Violence

83-VAW stands for _____________.

Violence Against Women

84-CEDAW stands for __________________.

UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

85-CEDAW was adopted by the UN in _____________.


86-DEVAW stands for _______________.

UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women

87-DEVAW was adopted by the UN in ________.


88-The Psychopathology Theory put stress on the ________ of men who abuses their wives.

Mental Illness

89-According to Learned Behaviour Theory the violence conducted by men and beard by the women depend upon ________.

Their learning in the family

90-According to Loss of Control theory gendered societal expectation prevented men from expressing anger and frustration which at some stage result in the ____________.

Loss of control

91-According to Learned Helplessness theory, women stay in abusive relationships because constant abuse strips them of the _______ to leave.


92-According to Cycle Of Violence Theory men did not express their frustration and anger because they had been taught ___________.

Not to show their feelings

93-According to Family/Relationship Conflict Model woman’s behaviour contributes to the _________ in the family.

Build-up tension

94-According to Power And Control Wheel Theory the purpose of violence is to exert __________ and _________ over woman.

Power, Control

95-DAIP stands for _______________.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

96-Pakistan ranks _______ out of ___________ countries in the Gender Empowerment Measure of 2011.

82, 93

97-According to 2011 Gender Inequality Index Pakistan stands ______ out of ______ countries.

115, 140

98-According to an estimated value __________ women become a victim of rape in her lifetime.

One out of every five

99-About ____________ of the estimated 500,000 to 2 million annually trafficked people includes women.


100-According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), annually _______ women become victims of honour killing worldwide.



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