MCQs Of History Of USA – Part V

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MCQs Of History Of USA – Part V

1-Civi Rights Movement in USA reached to its peak in __________.

1950s and 1960s

2-Civil Rights Movement was a mass popular movement to secure equal rights, privileges and US citizenship for __________.

African Americans

3-The idea of equal rights and opportunities is the basic core theme of _____________.

Declaration of Independence

4-Jim Crow laws legalised segregation between _________ and _________.

Blacks, Whites

5-In 1954, Supreme Court struck down the ___________ doctrine.

Separate but equal

6-NAACP stands for _____________________.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

7-NAACP was founded in ___________.


8-Brown period lasted from _______ to _______.

1849, 1950

9-In post-Brown period, black protest activity began on ___________.

December 1, 1955

10-In 1950s black protest activities began after _________ refused to give up her seat to a white bus rider.

Rosa Parks

11-SCLC stands for ____________.

South Christian Leadership Conference

12-SCLC was founded in ______________.


13-SNCC stands for _________.

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

14-SNCC was founded in _____________.

April 1960

15-Civil Rights Act was passed in ______________.


16-CORE stands for _______________.

Congress of Racial Equality

17-Congress passed Voting Rights Act in _____________.


18-De facto means ___________.

A state of affairs that is true in fact but is not sanctioned

19-De jure means ____________.

A state of affairs that is in accordance with law

20-Martin Luther King Jr. initiated Poor People’s Campaign in _____________.


21-Cold war lasted for almost _________ years.


22-USA did not recognized USSR for almost __________ years after Bolshevik takeover.


23-After World War II, in Eastern Germany, a ________ regime was elected.


24-Bretton Wood Conference was held in Bretton Wood, ____________ in ____________.

New Hampshire, July 1944

25-Bretton Wood Conference was called for discussing the __________.

Post-War World

26-In Bretton Wood Conference, world’s two major financial institutions ___________ and ___________ were created.

World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

27-Western Germany emerged as independent in __________.


28-Berlin, after World War II was also divided into ________ and ________ Berlin.

East, West

29-Germany was reunified in ___________.


30-The term “Iron Curtain” was used for the first time by _________ in __________.

Winston Churchill, 1946

31-European Recovery Programme was announced by Secretary of State, _________ on _________.

George Marshall, June 5 1947

32-Truman Doctrine was issued in ____________.

March 1947

33-Congress passed National Security Act in ___________.


34-NATO was created on __________.

4th April 1949

35-NATO stands for _______________.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

36-WARSAW Pact was created on _________

14 May 1955

37-Korean War began on _____________.

June 25, 1950

38-Mao Tse-tung established communist dictatorship in China in ____________.


39-An armistice was signed between North and South Korea at ___________ on ___________.

PANMUNJOM, July 27 1953

40-During the North Korea and South Korea conflict, more than _________ Americans were killed.


41-Soviet Union did its first atomic explosion in ________.


42-Third World emerged after British and French empires slowly yielded to _____________.

Independence Movements

43-The term “Third World” was used for the first time in ___________ by ___________.

14th August 1952, Alfred Sauvy

44-In the aftermath of World War II, USA created ______________.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

45-CIA was created on ____________.

18 September 1947

46-The first head of CIA was ___________.

RADM Sidney W. Souers

47-The first Secretary General of NATO was __________.

Hastings Ismay

48-Eisenhower Doctrine was announced in ___________.


49-NASA stands for _____________.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

50-NASA was created in _____________.


51-__________ created NASA.


52-Congress passed National Defence Education Act in __________.


53-The U-2 incident occurred in _________.


54-U-2 was a ____________.

Spy plane

55-Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first proposed by _____________ in _________.

National Women’s Party, 1923

56-NOW stands for _______________.

National Organization of Women

57-ERA _____________ get ratification by the Congress.


58-Afghanistan war is the _________ war ever fight by the United States.


59-Currently the electoral college of US includes _________ electors.


60-Out of 538 electors _______ for the total number of congressional members and ________ represents Washington D.C.

535, 3

61-The Three electors of Washington, D.C have been allowed by the _________ Amendment.


62-To become President, a candidate must win ________ votes.


63-The winner candidate of US presidential election, sworn into office at noon on ____________.

January 20

64-President Trump is the ________ president of USA.


65-In case of no absolute majority, the president is then chosen by the ____________ from top three presidential vote-getters.

House of Representatives

66-In case of no absolute majority, the vice-president is then chosen by the House of Representatives from to ________ vice presidential vote-getters.


67-Untill ________ presidential winner used to sworn into office on _________.

1937, 4th March

68-With the passage of __________ Amendment, the date of presidential inauguration was moved to __________ from ___________.

20th, 20th January, 4th March

69- ___________ is the only US president that served for more than Two terms.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

70-In September 11, 2001 attacks a total of ________ civilians and _________ hijackers perished.

2977, 19

71-Franklin Delano Roosevelt served in office for __________ terms.


72-President __________ is the only US president that served for shortest time.

William Henry Harrison

73-William Henry Harrison served in office for ____________ days.


74-FBI was created on __________.

26 July 1908

75-National Security Agency (NSA) was created on ____________.

4 November 1952

76-United States Secret Service was created on ____________.

5 July 1865



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