MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter I

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MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter I

1In MS Word a drop cap can be set in how many positions?

Two (2)

2 In MS Word, a document can be saved in how many ways?

Three (3)

3 A single spacing in MS Word causes how many point line spacing?

Twelve (12)

4 The maximum number of lines that can be set for lines to drop box are

Ten (10)

5 The default number of lines to drop for drop cap are

Three (3)

6 In MS Word document the maximum number of columns that can be insert are

Forty Five (45)

7 In an MS Word Table the maximum numbers of columns that can be inserted are

Sixty Three (63)

8 In MS Word the maximum font size is


9 The default file extension for every Word document is


10 What type of file indicates that the file is a Word document?


MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter II

11 The smallest width of a column in MS Word is


12 In MS Word the smallest available font size in Font Size Tool on formatting toolbar is

Eight (8)

13 In MS Word the largest available font size in Font Size Tool on formatting toolbar is

Seventy Two (72)

14 In MS Word 2003 the default font size is

12 pt

15 In MS Word 2010 the default font size is

11 pt

16 What are the minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document?

1 x 1

17 In case of repeated words, MS Word responded with

Red wavy line under the repeated word

18 What happen when we press F8 key three times?

A sentence is selected

19 Collection of characters and paragraph formatting commands is called

A Style

20 Document Outline View means a view with a structure of

Headings at various levels

21 In MS Word, short key for undoing last action is

Ctrl + Z

22 Ctrl + =


23 What word reature does?

Automatically move text to next line when necessary

24 To superscript the selected text in MS Word, short key is

Ctrl + Shift

25 Ctrl + F9 is used for

Inserting code braces

26 To open dialogue box in MS Word, short key is

Ctrl + F12

27 To split a table in MS Word, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

28 To increase left indent, short key is

Ctrl + M

29 In MS Word the number of opening documents depends upon

Memory of computer

30 In creating a macro, the second step is

Naming the macro

31 While assigning a shortcut key to a symbol we should assign those keys or combination of keys that are


32 While writing which feature convert straight quotes to smart quotes?

Auto Format

33 In MS Word, which feature detect spelling and grammar errors?

Auto Correct

34 In which version of MS Word when we click on menu button Backstage view opens?


35 Why the document created at home when opened at school appears in different font?

Specified version is not installed at school’s computer

36 What is short key for making selected text bold?

Ctrl + B

37 In MS Word, where is automatic saving option available?

Save tab on Option dialog box

38 To move the cursor page to page of document short keys are

Ctrl + Pg Up, Ctrl + Pg Dn

39 In MS Word short key for jumping to next column is

Alt + Down-arrow

40 In MS Word short key for breaking a page is

Ctrl + Enter

41 How to use short key for breaking a page?

Move mouse cursor to the place where you want the page to break

42 Short key for increasing the font size of selected text by one point every time is

Ctrl + ]

43 In MS Word to use Format Painter multiple times, what to do?

Double click the Format Painter icon

44 The default font used in MS Word 2010 is


45 A series of predefined graphics that MS Word contain by default and that can be used in documents are called

Clip Art

46 What is a bullet in MS Word?

A dot or other symbol used at the beginning of each paragraph

47 In MS Word short key for selecting all text is

Ctrl + A

48 Short Key for aligning text to center is

Ctrl + E

49 To use alphabets instead of digits for numbering the page click on

Page Number Format tool

50 To save document with a new name, which command should we use from Click File?

Save As



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