MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter II

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MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter II

1 In Insert Picture feature of MS Word which option is not available?


2 To close MS Word through file down menu which option is used?


3 Short Key for opening new document is

Ctrl + O

4 To create a newspaper like document in MS Word, which feature is used?


5 Which area of MS Word contains buttons, boxes and menus?

Tool bar

6 To insert a link in selected text which feature is used?


7 How to convert an web address in MS Word to regular text?

Right click on address and then click on remove hyperlink

8 To move a specific location in MS Word, which feature is used?


9 Shortcut key for creating a copyright symbol in MS Word is

Alt + Ctrl + C

10 To open font dialog box in MS Word, shortcut key is

Ctrl + D

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11 To check document for spelling errors, keyboard shortcut key is


12 To update formula in table keyboard shortcut key is


13 Shortcut key for “Find and Replace” dialog box is

Ctrl + H

14 To insert Hyperlink the shortcut key is

Ctrl + K

15 Shortcut Key for accessing the font size tool on formatting toolbar is

Ctrl + Shift + P

16 Shortcut key for “Subscript” the selected text is

Ctrl + =

17 Shortcut key for “Superscript” the selected text is

Ctrl + Shift + =

18 Shortcut key for closing active document in MS Word is

Ctrl + F4

19 Another shortcut key to show font dialog box is

Ctrl + Shift + F

20 To show font dialog box, another shortcut key is

Ctrl + Shift + P

21 Shortcut key for removing all character formats is

Ctrl + Spacebar

22 Shortcut key to undo last action is

Ctrl + Z

23 To increase paragraph indent, shortcut key is

Ctrl + M

24 To move to the end of document, shortcut key is

Ctrl + end

25 Text boundaries can be edited from

Options from tool menu

26 Which option helps in omitting a text which can be later inserted in another place?


27 Which option would you use for reproducing a selected text?

Copy and Paste

28 Shortcut key for Cut is

Ctrl + X

29 Mail merger toolbar is

Not a data source component

30 In MS Word the word Data Source is used for

Mailing list

31 To repeat the last action, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Y

32 Ctrl + Delete is used to

Delete the word just after the cursor

33 To delete word just before the cursor, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Backspace

34 What are Auto Correct and Auto Text?

Editing Tools

35 What to do for auto fitting the width of column?

Double click the right border of column

36 Which features enable you to make multiple changes in document at once?

Replace command

37 In MS Word which operation move text from clipboard?


38 Format Painter tool is located on

Standard toolbar

39 Which feature must be used for controlling layers of objects?

Drawing toolbar

40 Which of the following toolbar has crop button?

Picture Toolbar

41 To update data in an embedded worksheet range

Double click the worksheet range object

42 To select multiple cells, rows or column, click on first cell and then hold down

The Ctrl key

43 Which of the following is paragraph mark?

44 Paragraph mark indicates where

Enter key is pressed

45 For updating fields which keystroke is used?


46 In MS Word which key stroke activates speller?


47 Which feature is used for applying same format in more than one place?

Format Painter

48 Which menu is used for changing the typeface of a document?


49 For changing character typeface and size, which menu is used?


50 Header and Footer can be inserted from which menu?

View Menu



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