MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter III

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MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter III

1 Which tool in MS Word only copies format of the text?

Format Painter

2 What is formatting?

Changing the appearance of a document

3 Which language MS Word uses while creating Macros?

Visual Basics

4 For hiding some paragraphs in MS Word which tool is used?

Font Dialog Box

5 Landscape and Portrait are

Page orientations

6 Notes that appear at the end of document for citation the source is called

End Notes

7 To jump from one cell to another, which shortcut key is used?


8 Which of the following keys delete text to the right of cursor?


9 Which of the following keys delete text to the left of cursor?


10 In MS Word where is the Quick Access Toolbar located?

Upper left

MCQs Computer – MS Word – Chapter IV

11 MS Word converts document content to HTML when you try to save the file as

Webs Page

12 MS Word by default format each heading in table of content as


13 Indexes, Footnotes and Endnotes, all are inserted as

Word Fields

14 Shortcut Key for left alignment of the text is

Ctrl + L

15 Which menu is used for inserting footer?

Insert, header and footer

16 For inserting header which menu is used?

Insert, header and footer

17 On MS Word status bar EXT indicator shows that

Whether Extended Selection mode is on or off

18 Clip art task pane open when we click on

Insert >> Picture >> Clip Art

19 Shortcut Key for rectangular selection is

Ctrl + Shift + F8

20 Which feature converts the whole text into Capital letters?

All Caps

21 Which feature of MS Word makes equal spacing between all texts of a document?


22 Gutter position can be set in which positions?

Left & Top

23 In portrait orientation

Less character per line are printed

24 In landscape orientation

More characters per line are printed

25 For fonts which orientation is not available?


26 In MS Word where is zoom control located?

Lower right

27 What is mail merge?

Combining name and addresses with a word document

28 Mail Merge enables you to

Send same letter to different persons

29 A Word processor is most likely used for

Typing biography

30 A Gutter Margin is a margin that at the time of printing is

Added to binding side of the page

31 For quick access to commonly used tools which feature in MS Word is used?

Tool Bar

32 What was the basic purpose of Autocorrect in MS Word?

Correct misspelled

33 What Home key does?

Move cursor to the beginning of the line

34 Shortcut key for moving cursor one word right is

Ctrl + Right Arrow

35 To move one word left shortcut key is

Ctrl + Left Arrow

36 Short key to move to the end of the line is

End key

37 Short key for moving cursor one page down is

Ctrl + Page Down

38 To move cursor one paragraph down, short key is

Ctrl + Down Arrow

39 To mover cursor one screen up, short key is

Page Up

40 Short key for moving one screen down is

Page Down

41 To mover cursor one page up, short key is

Ctrl + Page Up

42 To move cursor one paragraph up short key is

Ctrl + Up Arrow

43 To move cursor one screen up short key is

Page Up

44 To move cursor to the beginning of document short key is

Ctrl + Home

45 Which of the following files starts MS Word?


46 Short key for starting new document is

Ctrl + N

47 In MS Word what are inserted as cross references?

Word Fields

48 By default header and footer is printed

On every page

49 For opening Find and Replace Dialog box with activating Go to Tab short key is

Ctrl + G

50 Which short key opens Find and Replace dialog box with activating Find Tab?

Ctrl + F




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