MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter IV

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MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter IV

1 Short key Ctrl + H is used for

Opening Find and Replace Dialog box with Active Replace Tab

2 Short key for opening Print Dialog box is

Ctrl + P

3 Short Key for hanging indent is

Ctrl + T

4 Source document is the document in which

Data was first entered

5 Which view shows the design of text and graphic that will appear on printed page?

Print Layout

6 Page setup dialog box is involved in switching between

Portrait and Landscape

7 What is a theme?

Design of predefined elements and color schemes

8 To create a document in wide format

Change page orientation

9 Through which operation a block of text can be moved from one place to another?

Cut and Paste

10 Shortcut key for copying selected text is

Ctrl + C

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11 Shortcut key for pasting text is

Ctrl + V

12 Shortcut key for opening column dialog box is

Alt + O + C

13 For detecting spelling and grammar mistakes shortcut key is


14 Shortcut key for breaking the current column to start a new immediately is

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

15 How MS Word can be instructed to stop bulleting the paragraphs?

Pressing Enter key twice

16 Another way of stopping bulleting paragraphs is

Pressing the backspace button

17 The third method of stopping bulleting paragraphs is

Click on the bullets button

18 For changing fonts and their size which toolbar we use?


19 Header and footer of a document can be view either in

Print lay out view, Print preview

20 Short key for paragraph formatting is

Ctrl + Q

21 In which view background color or effects applied on a document is not visible?

Print preview

22 Short key for text right alignment is

Ctrl + R

23 A red X icon appears on word flag when it detect

Spelling or grammar error

24 Short Key for saving a file is

Ctrl + S

25 Short key Ctrl + W is used to

Save and close document

26 Short key for opening Save As dialog box is


27 Short key for Italic is

Ctrl + I

28 Short key for making the selected text bold is

Ctrl + B

29 Short key Ctrl + J is for

Align Justify

30 Shortcut key for manual line break is

Shift + Enter

31 To break a paragraph and start a new which key is pressed?


32 Shortcut key for displaying field codes is

Alt + F9

33 Auto Correct helps in reducing

Spelling errors

34 Which feature is used for changing margin?

Page setup dialog box

35 An end mark is a short horizontal line indicating

The conclusion of a document

36 Shortcut key for superscript is

Ctrl + Shift + Plus Sign

37 In MS Word Thesaurus tool is used for

Synonym and Antonyms words

38 Frames divide webpage into


39 How an existing file can be saved with a different name?

Clicking on Save As

40 In MS Word bookmarks are used for

Quickly jumping to a specific location

41 Document Map helps in

Quick navigating of the documents

42 Which feature helps in listing Synonyms and Antonyms of a selected word?

Tools, Language

43 How document can be magnified?

View, Zoom

44 Which tool is used to know statistics about the document?

Word count

45 Which tool helps in editing embedded objects?

Visual editing

46 Which feature is used for tracking different editions of a document?


47 Shortcut for underlining selected text is

Ctrl + U

48 How a hyperlinked text appears in MS Word?

Underlined and color blue

49 Which feature in MS Word helps in moving a step backward?


50 Where Undo feature is located?

Top left



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