MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter V

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MCQs Of Computer – MS Word – Chapter V

1 We can read a document either through arrow keys or by

Dragging the scroll box on the scroll bar

2 The header and footer commands are located on

Insert tab

3 Where the column command is located?

Page layout

4 How ruler can be activated on document by using the ribbon

View >> Ruler

5 How a word or paragraph can be shaded?

Format >> Borders >> Shading

6 The latest version of MS Word is


7 What are Bold, Italic and Regular?

Font styles

8 What are Shimmer, Sparkle and Blinking Background?

Text Effects

9 Subscript, Superscript, Outline, Emboss and Engrave are

Font effects

10 The edges of MS Word page are called

Word Wrap




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