MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part VII

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MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part VII

1 In which Hijra “Imam Shafi” was born?

150 AH

2 “Imam Shafi” was the famous disciple of which Imam?

Imam Malik Ibn Anas

3 “Imam Shafi” had also spent some time with

Imam Al Shaybani

4 Al Whose disciple “Al Shaybani” was?

Imam Abu Hanifa

5 What is the number of books authored by “Imam Shafi”?

Two (2)

6 “Al Risalah” is one of the famous books of

Imam Shafi

7 “Imam Shafi’s” another very famous book is

Kitab al Umm

8 In which Hijra “Imam Shafi” passed away?

204 AH

9 In which Hijrah “Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal” was born?

164 AH

10 Imam Hanbal was one of the famous pupils of

Imam Shafi

11 Imam Ahmad’s famous book is

Al Musnad

12 Hanbali School another very famous book is

Al Mughni

13 In which Hijrah “Imam Hanbal” passed away?

241 AH

14 Imam Jaffer Sadiq was born in the Hijrah of

83 AH

15 Imam Jaffer is the founder of which fiqah?

Shia School

16 Another name of Shia school is


17 One of the most famous pupils of Imam Jaffer was

 Imam Abu Hanifa

18 As per Shias, the number of Imam Jaffer among twelve Imams was

Sixth (6)

19 The total number famous books of Shia fiqh is

Four (4)

20 Kitab al Kafi was authored by

Muhammad Bin Yaqub al Kulini


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21 Man la Yahzuruh al Faqih is the book of

Ibn Babwaih al Qummi

22 Who has authored “Tahzib al Ahkam”?

Muhammad Bin Hassan al Tusi

23 Who has authored “Al Istibsar”

Abu Jafar Muhammad bin Hassan al Tusi

24 The book “Fiqh ul Akbar” is written

Imam Abu Hanifa

25 Who has authored “Al Hedaya”?

Burhan ud Din

26 In which language “Al Hedaya” was originally written?

Persian language

27 Who translated “Hedaya”  into English?

Charles Hamilton

28 The famous book “Al Hedaya” belonged to which fiqh school?

Sunni School

29 Who has authored “Fatwa-e-Kazi Khan”?

Imam Fakhr-ud-Din Hassan

30 “Darul Mukhtar” was authored by

Muhammad Alud Din

31 The famous book “Nawadir” was authored by

Imam Muhammad

32 Another very famous book of Imam Muhammad is


33 The famous book “Syar al Kalvi” is written by

Imam Muhammad

34 Who has writteh “Kitab fil Usul”?

Abu al Hassan

35 The author of the famous book “Radd ul Mukhtar” is

Muhammad Amin

36 Who authored “Risala fil Akdiya”?

Abd Allah

37 “Mukhtasir al Muntahi” is the work of

Abu Umer Usman

38 The author of the famous book “Jama ul Jawameh” is

Taj Deen

39 “Mukhtasar” was authored by

Abu Khoja

40According to Shias, Akhbar Ahadith are those, that are narrated by

Ahle Bait

41 Shias accept which kind of Ahadith only?

Akhbar Ahadiths

42 When the qualification of  the narrator of a Hadith is not known, such Hadith is then called


43 In Arabic language fabricated Hadith is called


44 In Sunni school, the number of most authentic books of Ahadith are

Six (6)

45 The number of most authentic books of Ahadith of Shia school are

Four (4)

46 The full name of Imam Bokhari was

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Bokhari

47 Imam Bokhari was born in which Hijra?

194 AH

48 Imam Bokhari passed away in which Hijra?

256 AH

49 What is the full name of Imam Muslim?

Abul Hussain Muslim Neshapuri

50 In which Hijrah Imam Muslim was born?

206 AH

51 In which Hijrah Imam Muslim passed away?

261 AH

52 The six famous books of Ahadith of Sunni school are collectively called

Sahih Sita

53 The word “Ijma” has been derived from which Arabic word?


54 What is “Ijma”?

Consensus of opinion

55 “Ijtihad” is derived from which Arabic word?


56 The word “Ijtihada” literally means

To extract

57 The word “Qiyas” means


58 The word “Taqleed” means

To follow

59 The word “Istihsan” in English means

Juristic Equity

60 In English the word “Istidlal” means

Juristic Deduction

61 What does “Maslaha Mursalah” means?

Public Good

62 The Arabic word “Istishab” in English means


63 Another meaning of the word “Isstishab” is

Presumption of continuity

64 What does the word “Fatwa” means?


65 The Arabic word “Urf” means


66 The Arabic word “Naskh” means


67 The law that abrogated a previous law is called


68 The abrogated law in Islam is called


69 In an Islamic State, the relationship of a ruler with its subject is of

Three fold

70 The three acts of a ruler in an Islamic state are

Wali, Wakil and a Shareek

71 A state has how many elements?

Four (4)

72 The Nisab of Zakat is _________ gold and ___________ silver.

7 ½ Tolas, 52 Tolas

73 What is the rate of Zakat?


74 What does “Ushur” means?

Ushur means 1/10th

75 “Ushur” is applicable on the production of


76 What is “Kharaj”?

Land Tax

77 In an Islamic state “Kharaj” is imposed on whom?


78 “Jizya” is actually a

Poll Tax

79 What does “Khums” means


80 “Khums” is applicable in

Male Ghanimat (Spoil of war)

81 What does “Zaraib” means?

Donation of money

82A  “Fai” is wealth obtained by Muslims from belligerent state

Without war

83 What is “Luqta”?

Property without owner

84 “Rakaz” is recoverable on assets obtained


85 There are how many modes of proving a case in law?


86 What does the word “ATAH” means?


87 What does the word “Nisyan” means?


88 The Arabic word “Ighma” means


89 The Arabic word “Riqq” means


90 What does the Arabic word “Naum” means?


91 What is “Ighma”?

Fainting Fit

92 The word “Sukr” in English means


93 What does “Safah” means?


94 The meaning of “Ikrah” is


95 What is the meaning of “Mehr” in English?


96 What does “Mehr-e-Muajjal” means?

Prompt Dower

97 In English “Mehr-e-Muwajjal” means

Defrred Dower

98 What is “Mehr-e-Musamma”?

Specified Dower

99 The word “Mehr-e-Misl” means

Proper Dower

100 When husband compares his wife within the degrees of prohibited relationship, it is called




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