MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part VIII

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MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part VIII

1 The word “Nafqah” means


2 Hizanat is an Arabic word which means

Guardianship and Custody

3 The word “Hiba” in Islamic Jurisprudence means


4 Ariat in a contract means granting permission to use the  __________ of the property.


5 The Arabic word “Hiba-bil-Iwaz” means a gift with


6 In Islamic Jurisprudence the word “Hiba-bil-Shart-ul-Iwaz”  means a gift with a stipulation for a


7 The word “Cypres ”  in law literally means

As nearly as possible

8 The Arabic word “Musha” in Muslim Law means

Undivided share in property

9 In Islamic Jurisprudence the word “Talab-i-Mowasibat” means

Immediate Demand

10 The word “Talab-i-Ishhad”  in Islamic law means

Confirmatory Demand

11 In Muslims Law the word “Talab-i-Tamleek” means

Demand for Possession

12 The Arabic word “Lian” in English means

Mutual cursing

13 The second meaning of the word “Lian”  is


14 In Muslim Law the word “Sarka” actually means


15 The most authoritative text book of the Shia law is


16  In Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961,  the most controversial provision regarding the process of succession is section

Four (4)

17 According Muslim Law the “Wakf” of shares in joint stock companies is


18 The “Child Marriage Restrain Act” was passed in the year of


19 In Islamic Law, a child is considered illegitimate if born within a period of less than

Six months

20 The estate of a deceased devolves on



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21 A plurality of husbands is called


22 On which bases a man has been prohibited from marrying his daughter?

On the ground of Consanguinity

23 In Islamic law a widow is entitled to maintenance during the period of


24 In which year the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act was passed?


25 In Pakistani law, the marriageable age for a male Muslim is

18 years

26 In Muslim law “Analogy” is rule of


27 The status of a Mufti is similar to that of a

Law Officer

28 The application of Muhammadan Law to Non-Muslims is entirely


29 In which year the “Shariat Application Act” was passed in Pakistan?


30 The “Shariat Application Act 1962”, deals with what?

Personal Law

31 Whic Caliph established a prison-house for the first time for malefactors?

Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

32 Who wrote the first book on the Science of Law /Usul?

Imam Shafi (R.A)

33 The first Qadi of Islam appointed by by Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) was

Hazrat Umar (R.A)

34 Who authored “Taudeh”?

Ahmed Ibn Qasim

35 In Islamic Law “Maasiat” deals with


36 At the time when Islamic Law came into force, how many kinds of marriages were in practiced?

 Four (4)

37 The famous book  “Musnad ul Imam Hambal” contains how many traditions?


38 Provision regarding polygamy in the Muslim Family Law Ordinance is present in which section?

Sixth (6)

39 When husband and wife mutually decide to divorce, what it is called?


40 In Islamic law, Easements are known as

Huquq al Irtifaq

41 Aasaba are those whose shares

Are not fixed and will get whatever will left

42 Talaqqi al Rukban denotes

Divorce during travel



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