MCQs Of Political Science Part II

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MCQs Of Political Science Part II

1 The book ‘The Art of War’ is written

2500 years ago

2 A necessary moral code for conducting the business of the state is called


3 ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is the famous quotation of

Lord Acton

4 In Federation, the federating units are united by

Central government

5 The main book which presents the Montesquieu philosophy is

The Spirit of Laws

6 Leviathan is written by


7 Al Farabi made ever lasting contribution to

Political Thoughts

8 Al Farabi translated the work of


9 Al Ghazali was appointed in Nizamia College as a professor of


10 Asbiyah was the term used by the


11 ‘The economics is the factor causing revolutions, movements or wars’ is the claim of

Karl Marx

12 Jean Bodin presented the concept of sovereignty in the book of


13  Which view considered law and liberty as opposite of each other?


14 The term ‘Elite’ was first began to use in the


15 The constitution is not written and rigid in


16 A voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called


17 ‘Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam ‘ is written by

Allama Iqbal

18 According to Aristotle, tyranny is the perverted form of


19 Despotism means

Rule of individual without law

20 Machiavelli was a



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21 The regimes like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Soviet Union under the Stalin are the examples of

Totalitarian States

22 The distinction between the parliamentary and presidential form of political system depends upon the relationship between

Legislature and Executive

23 Who said ‘Law is the Command of Sovereign’?

John Austin

24 Aristotle does not use the relationship between _________________ as an analogy for the relationship between master and slave?

Statesman and citizen

25 Aristotle considers the relationship between _________________ analogous to the relationship between husband and wife.

Statesman and citizen

26 Aristotle does not criticize __________ in Book II.

Eratosthenes of Cyrene

27 Aristotle identifies a city with

Its Constitution

28 Aristotle considers __________ a just government.


29 According to Aristotle ___________ is an unjust government.


30 In Aristotle view, ____________ is the end goal of a city.

Securing a life of good quality for its citizens

31 Aristotle thinks _________ as the best form of government.


32 The extreme form of oligarchy is


33 In a Politeia, consideration is given to

Wealth and the masses

34 Which element is not included in Aristotle’s three elements of government?


35 The main cause of the change of constitution is the existence of a

Powerful faction that oppose the present constitution

36 The amiable old father of Polemarchus is named


37 What is ‘Justice’ as submitted by Polemarchus?

Give good to friends and evil to enemies

38 Socrates enjoys but eliminates most of the verses of which poet?


39 Agamemnon chooses to be a ______ in the tale of afterlife.


40 Thrasymachus enters the dialogue demanding


41 Thrasymachus ‘justice’ is a form of


42 According to Socrates, which is not among the three basic necessities of life?


43 The three basic necessities of life according to Socrates are

Food, Shelter and Clothing

44 Which is not among the three basic ‘Classes’ of citizens as given by Socrates?


45 The three basic classes of citizens as given by Socrates are

Producers, Guardians and Auxiliaries

46 The two primary heading of education are

Gymnasium and music

47 Socrates divided narrations into

Narrative and Imitative

48 Socrates refers to his inquiry into poetry and music as a


49 Of which metal are the Auxiliaries allegorically composed?


50 Guardians must be composed of


51 The fundamental aim of the state is toward whose happiness?

The whole

52 There are how many principle virtues?


53 The ability to understanding things for themselves is the mark of best kind of


54 Machiavelli’s historical assessment of Italy’s past princes is

Mostly bad ruling combined with a little bad luck

55 A number of Italian princes of Machiavelli’s time lost their states because of

Their own military faults

56 Alexander VI by profession was


57 Machiavelli’s first name was


58 ‘The Prince’ was published in

16th Century

59 ‘The Prince’ was written by


60 Machiavelli was an inhabitant of which city?


61 To whom Machiavelli dedicated ‘The Prince’?

Lorenzo de Medici

62States are of two sorts; Republics and

Princely States

63 Which king ‘took Milan quickly and lost it just as quickly’?

King Louis XIV

64 ‘But it is the ___________ that makes troubles’

New state

65 In Machiavelli’s time in France power was

Shared between the Prince and the Barons

66 Acquired wit is

Acquired through instructions

67 The wit that ‘is grounded on the right use of Speech; and produces the science’ is

Acquired wit

68 The difference in men’s intellect arise from the difference in


69 The fundamental passion that defines a man’s ‘present means to obtain some future Good’ is


70 According to Thomas Hobbes, life in the State of Nature is

Nasty, Brutish and Short

71 According to Thomas Hobbes, the best natural right human have in the State of Nature is

The right of self-preservation

72 The most effective form of government according to Thomas Hobbes is


73 What group of thinkers is John Locke considered a member of?

British Empiricist

74 In Metaphysics, John Locke is considered a


75 According to John Locke, our ideas can be divided into two categories, namely

Simple and Complex

76 According to Locke, some of the qualities existed and some do not. Which group of qualities does Locke maintain have real existence?


77 According to John Locke, spirits is

A substance

78 Concerning human understanding is primarily concerned with what branch of philosophy?


79 According to Locke, virtues are approved not because they are innate but because they are


80 Government in the hands of the few is called

An Aristocracy

81 Why does Rousseau believe that a civil or state religion is preferable to separation of church and state?

Because it creates a unity of beliefs among the body politic

82 How must religions that are tolerant of other religions be treated by society?

They must be accepted

83 The election of magistrates is not a law but simply a(n)

Activity of the body politic

84 Which body of laws attempts to make each citizens independent of all fellow citizens and at the same time dependent on the republic?

Fundamental Law

85 In a state where all men were equal in talent and character as well as in principles and fortune, what kind of elective system would be recommended?

Election by majority rule

86 Which writer was a major proponent of the theory of utilitarianism?

Jeremy Bentham

87 Mill objected to Jeremy theory of utilitarianism because it has an

Impoverished definition of happiness

88 Jeremy Bentham was born on

February 15, 1748

89 Jeremy Bentham died on

June 6, 1832

90 Mill argues that bigamy should be permitted because

It is a private relationship

91 Mill think that actions can be restricted

More often than opinions

92 Mill believes that behavior harms others whenever it

Betrays an obligation a person had

93 Mill believe that Christian morality is correct but

Not the complete truth

94 Mill believes that people learn best by

Debating with people of different opinions

95 Mill is writing to an audience that is mainly


97 What is the name for Marx’s theory of human history?

Historical Materialism

98 The name of Marx’s book that explains the working of the capitalist economy is


99 In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote that there is specter haunting Europe. What was this specter?


100 Montesquieu restrict forms of government up to








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