MCQs Of Political Science Part IV

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MCQs Of Political Science Part IV

1 Tahafut al Tahafut is written by

Ibn Rushd

2 Talkbis Kitab al Nafs (Aristotle on the Soul) is also written by

Ibn Rushd

3 Imam Al Ghazzali perceived that the philosophers had misunderstood the relationship between

God and the World

4 Ibn Rushd critical examination of the alleged tension between philosophy and religious lead to the development of a group with similar purpose in Christianity, who are called


5 Ibn Rushd critically examined the tension between religion and philosophy in

Decisive Treatise

6 Al Ghazali was born in

1058 AD

7 Al Ghazali was born in

Tous, Iran

8 Al Ghazali full name was

Abu Hamid Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al Tusi al Ghazali

9 The Latin name of Al Ghazali is


10 Al Ghazali died on

December 19, 1111 AD

11 Imam Al Ghazali is also called

Hujjat ul Islam

12 One of the famous books of Imam Ghazali is

The Revival of The Religious Sciences

13 Ibn Taymiyah was born on

January 22, 1263

14 Ibn Taymiyah was born in

Harran, Turkey

15 Full name of Taymiyah was

Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyah

16 Ibn Taymiyah died on

September 26, 1328

17 Ibn Taymiyah died in

Damascus, Syria

18 ‘Any exercise of authority, be it political or religious, must be based on the law of Allah.’

Ibn Taymiyah

19 Ibn Taymiyah is also called

Shaikh ul Islam

20 Nizam ul Mulk was born on

April 1o, 1018

21 Nizam al Mulk was born in

Tous, Iran

22 Nizam al Mulk real name was

Abu Ali Hasan ibn Ali Tusi

23 Nizam al Mulk was the

Honorific name of Abu Ali Hassan

24 Nizam al Mulk was assassinated on

October 14, 1092

25 Nizam al Mulk founded the famous institution of

Al Nizamiyya of Baghdad

26 Ibn Khaldun was born on

May 27, 1332

27 Ibn Khaldun was born in

Tunis, Tunisia

28 Full name of Ibn Khaldun was

Abu Zayd Abd al Rehman Ibn Khaldun al Had’ami

29 One the famous books of Ibn Khaldun is

Lubab al Mahsul (Summary of the Result)

30 The famous book of Ibn Khaldun Lubab al Mahsul was published in

1351 AD

31 Another very famous book of Ibn Khaldun is


32 Muqaddimah was published in

1377 AD

33 The rise and fall of a nation, according to Ibn Khaldun, takes

120 years (Three generations)

34 Ibn Khaldun died on

March 17, 1406

35 Ibn Khaldun died in

Cairo, Egypt

36 Which amendment in the US constitution limits the term of President to two?


37 Watergate Scandal came to light in


38 The right to vote was given to women in Britain in


39 Who is known as the Iron Lady?

Margarate Thacher

40 The Indian president is elected for

5 years

41 The United States of America consists of

50 States

42 The American Congress consist of

535 Members

43 The National Security Council of Pakistan consists of

 12 Members

44 Basic Democracy was introduced in Pakistan in


45 Ali Khaminai is

Chairman of the Guardian Council

46 Abul Kalam

President od India

47 Lok Sabha is elected for

5 Years

48 The Turkish President is elected for

7 Years

49 Russian President is elected for

5 Years

50 The Turkish Grand National Assembly is consists of

55 Members

51 The main leader of China after independence was

Mao Tse Tung

52 The Iranian constitution consist of

175 Articles

53 Pakistan National Assembly is elected for

5 Years

54 The National Peoples Congress in China is elected for

5 Years

55 Quaid died on

11 September 1948

56 Legislative powers of the House of Lords in Britain were curtailed by

The Parliament Act of 1911

57 The first Prime Minister of Britain was

Robert Walpole

58 The position of King was subordinated to Parliament by

The Glorious Revolution of 1688

59 British House of Lords as highest court of appeal consists of

12 Members

60 Vice president is the presiding officer of the Upper House of legislature in USA and


61 Fillibustering is device practiced in

American Congress

62 Kangroo Closure is a procedure followed by law making body of


63 System of ‘Administrative Law’ is provided in the constitution of


64 State of France is


65 Tenure of French Senate is

6 Years

66 The Constitution of India was promulgated on

November 26, 1949

67 Official name of China is

People’s Republic of China

68 People’s Republic of China emerged on World map on

October 1, 1949

69 The President of China is elected by

The National Peoples Congress

70 Majlis-e-Shura in Iran is consist of

290 Members

71 Turkey was declared a Republic on

October 29, 1923

72 Upper House of Indian Parliament is commonly known as

Rajiya Sabha

73 How many Indians were members of Simon Commission?


74 Lahore Resolution was moved by

Maulvi Fazal-ul-Haq

75 Stanely Walport is the author of

Jinnah of Pakistan

76 The minimum age for becoming a member of the House of Commons of Britain is

21 Years

77 Lenin was elected as the President on

November 8, 1917

78 Approval of any draft at the House of Lords requires the minimum presence of

30 Members

79 As per First Communist Constitution of Russia, the Presidium consists of

39 Members

80 In ancient times, England remained under the rule of Rome for about

400 Years

81American autonomy was admitted by the British Empire in the year


82 Out of total population of Turkey, the Muslim population is


83 Referendum was conducted for the approval of 1982 constitution of Turkey on

November 7, 1982

84 Last Emperor of China ruled the country till the year


85 Dr. Mussadiq Hussain the then Prime Minister dethroned the Iranian King for the implementation of


86 Dr. Mussadiq Hussain the then Prime Minister dethroned the Iranian King in


87 Quaid-e-Azam spent last days of his life at


88 Objective Resolution was made a part of the preamble of the Pakistan Constitution of


89 Which American State is called the mother of Presidents?


90 The British Constitution based on the

Difference between Theory and Practice

91 The building of US Congress is called

Capitol Hill

92 The word ‘REX’ stands for the


93 The constitutional history of France begins with the French Revolution of


94 The American Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on

4th July 1776

95 According to French Constitution, the Executive Head of the Government is the


96 The smallest administrative unit in the British Local Self Government System is

The Parish

97 The Gullotine or closure by compartment is a term used in the lawmaking procedure in the


98 The Lengthiest written constitution of the world is

The Indian Constitution

99 The ideological foundation of the Turkish Constitution is based on


100 The Iranian Revolution under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini removed the monarch in




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