Important MCQs About Pakistan Economy

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Important MCQs About Pakistan Economy

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1 In Pakistan Compensation of employees is the largest type of


2 In Pakistan, Rupee is the

Money of account

3 On which basis the government of Pakistan issue currency?

Demand for money in the country

4 Inconvertable money in Pakistan is

Paper Money

5 What determines the value of money in Pakistan?

General price level

6 A coin of rupee is a

Token money

7 What factor forces the government of Pakistan to issues more currency?

Demand for money in the country

8 General price level in Pakistan determines the

Value of money

9 What is the total number of bank branches in Pakistan?

Between 5000 to 10,000

10 What is the discount rate of State Bank of Pakistan?

Between  5% to 15%


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11 When was the State Bank of Pakistan established?


12 Main departments of the State Bank of Pakistan are

Issue, research and banking department

13 Who run the State Bank of Pakistan?

Board of directors

14 In Pakistan who levied taxes?

National Assembly

15 Who prepared the national budget of Pakistan?

Ministry of Finance

16 In Pakistan the type of income tax is

Direct and progressive

17 The federal budget of Pakistan includes both direct and indirect taxes and proportional and

Progressive taxes

18 In Pakistan, who collect income tax?

Federal government

19 In Pakistan sale tax is

Indirect and proportional

20 Pakistan’s The terms of trade of Pakistan have

Fallen over the past few years


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21 the exchange value of Pakistani Rupee has fallen against other currencies because

Our imports are more than exports

22 Because of competitive advantage, Pakistan imports some goods and exports other goods

Other goods

23 Exports can be increased only by improving the quality of goods and decreasing the value

Of its currency

24 Exports and imports in Pakistan will encourage if

GNP rises

25 Which exchange rate policy Pakistan follows?

Flexible exchange rate policy

26 What percentage of Pakistan’s exports comprises its total GDP


27  If the value of Pakistani rupee falls against US dollar the prices of American goods in Pakistan will


28 What is the over all effect of Loan of IMF to Pakistan on Pakistan’s economy?

Improves capital account and overall balance of payments

29 What is the average life expectancy in Pakistan?

66 years

30 What is Infant mortality rate in Pakistan?



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31 In Pakistan how much area forests covered?


32 There are how many stock exchanges in Pakistan?

Three (3)

33 What is Pakistan’s public saving rate?


34 What is Pakistan’s per capita income at constant prices in rupees?


35 Which is the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy?


36 What is the percentage of the contribution of Industrial sector in Pakistan’s total GDP?


37 Which is base year of Pakistan for national accounting?

The year 1999-2000

38 Over the past few years what is the average growth rate of Pakistan national income?


39 What is the working percentage of Pakistan’s total population?


40 What is the literacy rate in Pakistan’s total population?


41 How savings in Pakistan can be increased?

Decrease in taxes

42 How investment in Pakistan can be increased?

Decrease in interest rate

43 Which step will increase per capita income in Pakistan?

Increase in investment

44 Pakistan’s GDP is smaller than


45 What creates difficulty in the process of measurement of national income of Pakistan?

Illiteracy and underground economy

46 Which sector of Pakistan has the largest share in Pakistan’s GNP?


47 What is the percentage of contribution of commodity sector in national income of Pakistan?


48 When Pakistan started its first five years plan?


49 Pakistani exports consists mostly of

Cotton products

50 The type of economy of Pakistan is


51 Pakistan produces what percentage of its oil requirements?


52 What is the investment rate in Pakistan?


53 How can the rate of economic development in Pakistan be increased?

Saving rate increases

54 The rate of economic development in Pakistan will fall if

Smaller percentage of national income is invested

55 What is the highest government body for economic planning in Pakistan?

Planning Commission

56 In Pakistan economic planning started

During 1950’s

57 The time period of medium terms plan is

3 to 5 years

58 Pakistan started its planning experience with

Colombo Plan

59 How poverty is measured in Pakistan?

Per capita income and calorie intake

60 When was nationalization of banks done?


61 The National Bank of Pakistan is

Commercial bank

62 When was the National Bank of Pakistan established?


63 A bank that is established for giving loans to very small enterprises is called

Micro Finance Bank

64 The banking system of Pakistan


65 How commercial banks in Pakistan are supervised?

State Bank of Pakistan

66 The National Bank of Pakistan is a

Public sector bank

67 The First Women bank is a

Government bank

68 Acting as lender of last resort, a central bank lends to whom?

Commercial banks

69 Who finally approved the budget estimate prepared by the ministry of finance?

National Assembly

70 The public debt of Pakistan is

Smaller than GNP

71 Every year the fiscal year of Pakistan starts from

1st July

72 Who presented the federal budget of Pakistan in the parliament?

Finance minister

73 The most important body which collect taxes in Pakistan is

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

74 What is the exemption limit for income tax in Pakistan?

Three Lakh

75 What is Pakistan’s expenditure on defense?

Between 10 % to 25 %

76 The exports of Pakistan mainly consist of

Semi manufactured and manufactured goods

77 Which is the largest item in Pakistan’s import list?


78 The imports of petroleum makes up how much of Pakistan’s total imports bill?


79 What is Pakistan share in the world total cotton textiles?

Less than 3%

80 Exports are less than imports in Pakistan’s

Foreign trade

81 Who prepared the balance of payments account of Pakistan?

State Bank of Pakistan

82 What is the basic principle of Islamic economic system?


83 Islamic economic system in working market is nearer to

Mixed economy


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