Most Important Discoveries MCQs

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Most Important Discoveries MCQs

1 Who first discovered the Electron?

J. J. Thomson

2 Who first discovered the Proton?


General Knowledge 3200 MCQs

3 Who first discovered the Neutron?

James Chadwick

4 Which scientist is usually given credit for the discovery of the electron?

Joseph John Thomson

5 Who discovered atomic theory?

John Dalton

Most Interesting Discoveries MCQs

6 What was Albert Einstein known for?

Theory of Relativity

7 What was Albert Einstein famous mass energy equation?

E = MC2

8 Who is the father of the electricity?

William Gilbert and Michale Faraday

9 Who is the first to discover electricity?

William Gilbert and Michale Faraday

10 Who discovered microorganism?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

11 Who first discovered bacteria?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

12 Who is the father of microorganisms?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

13 Who discovered the virus?

Dmitry Ivanovsky and Martinus Beijerinck

14 Who for the first time called the virus, Virus?

Martinus Beijerinck

15 What was the first disease ever discovered?


16 Who developed the concept of color of light?

Isaac Newton

17 Who discovered Lake Victoria?

Muhammad al Idrisi

18 Who discovered principle of relativity?

Galileo Galilee

19 Who discovered gravity of Earth?

Isaac Newton

20 When Isaac Newton postulated theory of gravity?


21 Who proposed Big Bang Theory for the first time?

Georges Lemaitre

22 Who discovered the first antibiotic in human history?

Alexander Fleming

23 What was the first antibiotic ever discovered in human history?


24 When was Penicillin discovered?


25 Who discovered DNA?

James Watson and Francis Crick


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