Objectives Behind The Establishment Of Pakistan

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Objectives Behind The Establishment Of Pakistan

objectives behind pakistan

Pakistan came into being on 15 August 1947, as a result of a long struggle and priceless sacrifices of the Muslims of Subcontinent. Reason behind all this hard work was not only the acquisition of a piece of land but it was something much bigger than that. As per Qiuad e Azam

“We did not demand Pakistan to acquire a piece of land but we wanted a homeland where we could introduce Islamic principles.”

Aims And Objectives Of Creation Of Pakistan

Some of the main objectives and aims of Muslims of the Subcontinent behind the establishment of Pakistan are given below.

Basis Of Pakistan Ideology

Islamic Principles

To create a state and a political system which is based on Islamic principles and which works according to it.

Enforce Islamic Democracy

To successfully introduce and enforce Islamic democratic values in it. Islamic democratic concept is distinctively different from western concept.

Quaid e Azam on 14th February 1948 at Sibi said,

“It is our firm belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules given by our great law giver, the Prophet of Islam. Let us lay the foundation of our democratic system on Islamic ideals and principles.”

Maximum Opportunities Of Success For Muslims

In united India, under British Crown rule, Muslims were living life in disparity due to their comparative less number in society. All relief and advantages were available to Hindus. By creating a separate state, only then Muslims could have high chances of success and prosperity.

Origin And Importance Of Two Nation Theory

Protection Of Muslims Culture And Civilization

Muslims of the Subcontinent can only secure their separate national identity and their culture and civilization by creating a separate state for themselves.  

Emancipation From Hindus Majority

Hindus being major nation of the Subcontinent were exploiting the rights and opportunities of other minor nations by reserving all social, political and economic opportunities of prosperity for Hindus only. Thus one of the main objectives behind the creation of Pakistan was to get rid of Hindus prejudicial dominance.


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