Pak Study MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part I

Below are some of the important MCQs of Pak Studies that have been collected from different books. We hope that these MCQs will help you in your preparation for your tests and examinations. We have tried our best to avoid any kind of miss-information and mistakes during the collection of these MCQs but still if

Economics MCQs For Lectureship CSS PMS And NTS Part VI

1 Marshall in his definition of economics uses the concept of Material welfare 2 Wealth of Nations Is a book 3 Alfred Marshall wrote Principles of Economics 4 Economic Theory means Principles of economics 5 Robbins in his definitions talks about Scarcity of resources 6 Market system means Capitalism 7 ‘Wealth of Nations’ was written

Important MCQs About Pakistan Economy

We have collected some important MCQs about Pakistan economy from different sources with the hope that these MCQs will give a short glimpse of the working of Pakistan economy. Plus these MCQs will also give you a hand in your preparation for any type of test and examination. During the collection of MCQs we have

Economics MCQs For Lectureship CSS PMS And NTS Part V

1 Inflation can be control by applying Monetary and Fiscal policies 2 Inflation is a situation when General price level rises continuously 3 Under normal circumstances the velocity of circulation of money in a country is Less than 10 4 Banks discount it and advance loans Bill of exchange 5 Paper money is called fiat