World Animals MCQs – Chapter I

1 What’s the oldest animal on earth? Adwaita was a giant tortoise which died at an estimated age of 255 in March 2006 2 What is the oldest animal alive today? Immortal Jellyfish 3 What was the name of oldest animal that scientist accidentally killed at the age of 507? Ming, an ocean quahog 4

World’s Agriculture MCQs – Chapter II

1 What Blue Roses represents in literature? Love, Immortality, Prosperity 2 What is the rarest most beautiful flower? Corpse Flower 3 What is the most profitable flower to grow? Ageratum 4 What is the rarest Rose? Blue Rose (Not exist in nature) 5 What country has the most food? China             World’s Animal MCQs Chapter I

World’s Agriculture MCQs – Chapter I

1 What is the number one crop in the world? Wheat and Maize 2 What is the most profitable crop? Bamboo 3 What is the most common crop in the world? Sugarcane   4 Which farming is most profitable? Agricultural Farm 5 What is the largest food crop in the world? Sugarcane Worlds Agriculture Chapter

World MCQs

1 Which oceans is the smallest? Arctic Ocean 2 What is the highest location on Earth? Mount Chimborazo 3 What mountain is closest to the moon? Mount Chimborazo 4 Which is the highest town in the world? Tibet 5 Which is the highest plateau on earth? Tibet       World’s Agriculture MCQs Chapter I 6 What is

Earth MCQs – Chapter II

1 Which is the most developed city? Tokyo 2 Which city is known as Black City? Baku, Azerbaijan 3 Where is the most crowded place on earth? Hong Kong 4 Which airport has the longest runway? Qamdo Bamda Airport, China 5 What is the coldest major city in the world? Yakutsk The World MCQs 6

Earth MCQs – Chapter I

1 What is the number of planet earth in our solar system? Third from sun 2 Total how much people are living on the surface of earth? 7.53 billion as of 2017 record 3 What is the mass of earth? 5.972 × 10^24 kg 4 What is the radius of earth? 6,371 km       5 What is average

Our Universe MCQ – Chapter II

1 Who discovered the Milky Way galaxy first? Galileo Galilei through his telescope in 1610 2 Why is our galaxy called the Milky Way? Because it appears as a milky band of light in the sky 3 How fast is the Milky Way galaxy moving through space? About 828,000 km/h 4 How many stars and

Our Universe MCQ – Chapter I

1 How old is the universe? 13.8 billion years 2 How do they know the universe is 13.7 billion years old? By measuring the speed and distance of galaxies and by measuring ages of the oldest star clusters 3 How do we know the age of the universe? By measuring the speed and distance of