Pak Study MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part I

Below are some of the important MCQs of Pak Studies that have been collected from different books. We hope that these MCQs will help you in your preparation for your tests and examinations. We have tried our best to avoid any kind of miss-information and mistakes during the collection of these MCQs but still if you find any please inform us by commenting it in the comment box.

1 When Arabs under Muhammad Bin Qasim reached Daibul?

712 AD

2 Raja Dahir was the ruler of Sindh during which Muslim dynasty?


3 What was the relation of Muhammad Bin Qasim with Hajjaj Bin Yusuf?

Nephew and Son in law

4 When Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh, his age was?

17 years

5 Decisive battle was fought between Muhammad Bin Qasim and Raja Dahir on

28 October 712

6 The decisive battle between Muhammad Bin Qasim and Dahir was fought was fought at


7 After capturing Aloor, Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered which city?


8 Which city was established by Muhammad Bin Qasim?


9 Which Caliph called Muhammad Bin Qasim back from subcontinent?

Salman Bin Abdul Malik

10 Who was appointed as the governor of Sindh after Muhammad Bin Qasim?

Yazid Bin Muhallab

11 Which province of Pakistan is called Babul Islam?


12 For how many years the Arabs ruled over the Sindh?

282 years

13 First Islamic Mosque was constructed in sub-continent in


14 Muhammad Qasim attack on Sindh was the

Third attack on subcontinent by the Muslims

15 The real name of Muhammad Bin Qasim was

Immad-u-din Muhammad

16 How old is Urdu language?

400 years

17 Urdu is amalgamation of

Arab, Persian, Turkish and Hindi

18 Lashkari was another name of


19 In Muslims, who rendered valuable services for the development and protection of Urdu?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

20 Farhang-i-Asfia is

A dictionary

21 From 1872-1888, how many Urdu journals and periodicals were published from Lucknow?


22 When Banaras Institute was established?


23 Banaras Institute was the first practical step taken against which language?

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24 When Urdu was introduced as an official language in subcontinent by the British Government?


25 The Urdu-Hindi controversy began in which year?


26 In 1867, some Hindu prominent leaders demanded that Hindi should be

Introduced as an official language in Sub-continent

27 Who first of all decided to adopt measures for the protection of Urdu?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

28 When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan demanded the construction of a Dar-ul-Tarjma from the government?


29 Where Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established Central Association?


30 Which platform was used by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for the protection of Urdu?

Scientific Society

31 When George Cambell ordered that Urdu should be scrapped from the syllabus books?


32 Who was George Cambell?

Governor of Bengal

33 When Anthony MacDonald ordered that Hindi should be used as an official language?


34 Who was Anthony MacDonald?

U.P Governor

35 Who established Urdu Defence Society?

Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

36 Urdu Defence Society protested against the biased decision of

Anthony MacDonald

37 The students of which college protested against MacDonald decision of scrapping Urdu as official language?

Aligarh College

38 Why the Governor debarred the Nawab from using the title of Mohsin-ul-Mulk on October 19, 1900?

For his staunch support for Urdu

39 Who declared in 1917 that Hindi was the only language capable of becoming the national language of India?

M.K. Ghandi

40 Who setup Anjuman-i-Tarakki-i-Urdu?

 Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

41 Where Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk setup Anjuman-i-Tarakki-i-Urdu?


42 When Anjuman-i-Tarakki-i-Urdu was established?


43 The first Indian national who embraced Islam was the ruler of a small state known as

Kirnig Noor

44 Sarqafi, the Governor of Oman, during Ummar caliphate sent an army to

Thana and Barouch

45 Between 1000 to 1026 AD, Sultan Mahmud Ghazni carried out nearly how many attacks in India?

Seventeen (17) attacks

46 Hazrat Ganj Baksh real name was?

Ali Makhdum  Hujewri

47 Hazrat Ganj Baksh came to India, Lahore in

1035 AD

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48 The tomb of Hazrat Ganj Baksh is located in Lahore outside of

Bhatti Gate

49 Baha ud Din Zakria is also known as

Baha al Haq

50 Bhagti Movement was initiated mainly to

Check the popularity of Islam in the Sub-continent


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51 Bhagti is a Hindi word which means

Love and Brotherhood

52 Baba Gru Nanak was born in

November 1469

53 Akbar oocupied the throne of Delhi in

1566 AD

54 Akbar promulgated his new religion in

1582 AD

55 The name of Akbar’s promulgated religion was


56 Din-i-Ilahi elevated the status of Akbar and declared him as

God’s shadow on earth

57 Under Din-i-Ilahi, Akbar promulgated the policy of


58 Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani was born at Sirhind on

26 June 1564 AD

59 The name of Mujadid Alf Sani father was

Sheikh Abd-al-Ahad

60 The real name of Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani was

Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi

61 Sheikh Ahmad was the prominen disciple of

Khwaja Baqi Billah

62 Under Din-i-Ilahi, Akbar had assumed the titles of

Mujadid-i-Azam and Imam-i-Adil

63 During his teaching Sheikh Ahmad had laid great stress on


64 The collection of all letters of Sheikh Ahmed are called

Muktubat-e-Imam Rabbani

65 Jahangir had imprisoned Sheikh Ahmad for

Not performing prostration before him

66 In negation of the philosophy of Wahadat-ul-Wajud, Sheikh Ahmad presented the philosophy of


67 Sheikh Ahmad passed away on

10th December 1624 AD

68 Hazrat Shah Waliullah was born on

21st February 1703 AD in Delhi

69 The real name of Shah Waliullah was


70 The name of Shah Walliullah father’s was

Shah Abdur Rahim

71 Shah Waliullah father’s died at the age of 77 years in


72 Shah Waliullah produced the Persian translation of the Holy Quran in


73 The Urdu translation of the Holy Quran was produced by

Shah Rafi-ud-Din and Shah Abdul Qadir

74 The author of ‘Hujjat-ullah-al-Baligha’ is

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Shah Waliullah

75 In ‘Hujjat-ullah-al-Baligha’ Shah Waliullah had discussed the reason of

Muslims decay

76 ‘Al Insaf fi Bayan Sahab al Ikhtilaf’ is another famous book of

Shah Waliullah

77 In ‘Al Insaf fi Bayan Sahab al Ikhtilaf’ Shah Waliullah discussed

The four Islamic Fiqh Schools

78 The author of ‘Fuyuz-al-Haramain’ is

Shah Waliullah

79 Syed Ahmad Shahid was born on

November 29, 1786 AD

80 Syed Ahmad wrote his famous book ‘Sirat-i-Mustaqim’ in

1818 AD

81 The founder of Fraizi movement of Bengal was

Haji Shariat Ullah

82 Dudu Miyan was the son of

Haji Sharait Ullah

83 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born on

17th October 1817 in Delhi

84 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan maternal grandfather, Khwaja Farid-ud-Din was

Prime Minister at Mughal court

85 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan father died in

1838 AD

86 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan became Munsif (Sub Judge) in

1841 AD

87 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan wrote his famous book, Asar us Sanadid in

1847 AD

88 Ain-i-Akbari by Abu al Fazal is another famous book of

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

89 During the War of 1857, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was serving as the Chief Judge in


90 In 1877, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was appointed as a member of

Imperial Council

91 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was raised to Knighthood in

1888 AD

92 In 1859, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan setup a school at


93 In 1863, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established another school at


94 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan setup Scientific Society at Ghazipur in


95 In Scientific Society, modern work was to be translated from

English to Urdu and Persian

96 The Scientific Society published Aligarh Institute Gazette in


97 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan visit England on a study trip in


98 Syed Mahmud was

The Son of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

99 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan returned from England in


100 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established ‘Anjuman-i- Taraqi-i-Muslamana-i-Hind’ in



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