Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part IV

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part IV

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1 With the issuance of Fatwa that India is Dar-ul-Harb, how many Muslims left their homes and migrated to Afghanistan?

Eighteen Thousands

2 Who were Moplahs of Malabar shores?

Some Arabian tribes

3 Moplah invited government annoyance by actively taking part in which movement?

Khilafat Movement

4 The British government of India arrested few Moplah who wanted to organize Khilafat movement in


5 When Gandhi intended to begin his Civil Disobedience Movement?


6 From where Civil Disobedience Movement began?

Chauri Chaura

7 When people of Chauri Chaura took out procession and refuse to pay government taxes?

5th February 1922

8 Who called off Non-Cooperation Movement?


9 Which Turkish Leader abolished the institution of Khilafat?

Mustafa Kamal Attaturk

10 Mustafa Kamal Attaturk established which type of government in Turkey?


11 When institution of Caliphate was abolished?

1st November 1923

12 Which movement caused hardship for poor Muslims who responded to the call of ulema to migrate from India?

Hijrat Movement

13 Whose action of calling off the Non-Cooperation Movement was a severe set-back to the Khilafat Movement?


14 Chauri Chaura Tragedy took place on

5th February 1922

15 On 5th February 1922, hostile mob set fire to a police station in which

Twenty Two policemen burnt alive

16 Where in May 1924, Muslim League met under the Presidentship of Quaid-e-Azam?


17 In 1927, Quaid-e-Azam and 20 eminent Muslim Leaders prepared a formula for Hindu-Muslims

Unity. This formula is known as

Delhi Proposal

18 Which Congress leader requested to Quaid-e-Azam in 1927 that if the Muslim League surrenders its demand of separate electorate, the Congress shall accept any other demand presented by Muslim League?


19 Which proposal provided that Sindh should be separated from Bombay presidency?

Delhi Proposal

20 Which political party convened All Parties Conference in 1916?

All India National Congress

21 Which Conference decided to appoint a small committee of jurists under the Chairmanship of Nehru to get the draft of the Indian constitution prepared in 1928?

All Parties Conference

22 When the British Government appointed a statutory commission headed by Sir John Simon?

November 1927

23 Who remarked that nobody among Indians could represent all the communities of India?

Lord Birkenhead

24 Who was Lord Birkenhead?

Secretary of State for India

25 A mission was sent to India to look into the Question of the Indian Constitutional progress to which did not contain even a single Indian Member. What was the name of this Mission?


26 The Jallianwala Bagh was a physical butchery. The Simmon Commission is the butchery of our soul. Who made this statement?


27 The Simon Commission was sent to India in


28 The statutory commission commonly referred to as

Simon Commission

29 When first time Simon Commission visited India?


30 When second time Simon Commission visited to India?


31 When report of Simon Commission was published?

April 1929

32 How many visits Simon Commission made to India?


33 The Simon Commission should be changed to a joint committee and an Indian Commission should be constituted and its power should be same as those of Simon Commission. By whom these proposals were made?


34 When All political Parties of Indian called an All Parties Conference?

February 8, 1927

35 The All Parties Conference was challenged by

Lord Birkenhead

36 The All Parties Conference was held on

February 12, 1928

37 What was the foremost point of discussion in All Parties Conference?

Dominion Status

38 Report of Simon Commission contained how many parts?


39 Which report recommended a Federal type of government in India?

Simon Commission

40 Simon Report was unanimously condemned by all


41 By whom a campaign against Simon Report was launched?


42 The Nehru report was an answer to the challenge thrown to Indians by

Lord Birkenhead

43 The Committee which was called upon to draft a constitution for India was chaired by


44 Who was the head of Nehru Committee?

Moti Lal Nehru

45 Nehru Committee completed its task in how many months?


46 When the report of Nehru Committee was published?

August 15, 1928

47 The report submitted by the Nehru Committee is known as

Nehru Report

48 Which report provided that India should be given the status of Dominion on a unity basis with a parliamentary form of government?

Nehru Report

49 Which report provided that there should be no separate electorate?

Nehru’s Report

50 Which report provided that Hindi would be the official language of India?

Nehru Report


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51 Nehru Committee the Muslim demand of their representation in which province according to their population?


52 Which report reflected Hindu prejudicial approach and bared on anti-Muslim Sentiments?

Nehru Report

53 Who helped Quaid-e-Azam in the preparation of Fourteen Points?

Maulana Hakim Ajmal Khan

54 Which political party issued a threat to the government to launch a non-cooperation movement if report was not implemented by December 1929.


55 Which report of 1929 was totally against the interest of Muslims?


56 When All India National Convention was held?

December 1928

57 Where All Parties National Conference was held in 1928?


58 Quaid-e-Azam proposed how many amendments in Nehru Report?


59 On which ground the Nehru Committee rejected the Muslim demand of 1/3 representation in the central legislature?

Muslims formed less than 1/3 of the total population

60 Congress made an abrupt demand that new constitution must be given to India on

31st December 1929
61 The resolution passed at All India Muslim League, in Delhi session, in 1929 is commonly known as

Jinnah’s Fourteen Points

62 Jinnah’s Fourteen Points are logical offshoot of the failure of which report?

Nehru Report

63 Fourteen Points of Jinnah prescribed that the form of Constitution should be


64 Jinnah’s Fourteen Points prescribed that in the central legislature, the Muslim Representation shall not be less than


65 Which lord made a two-fold declaration?

Lord Irwin

66 Lord Irwin made a two-fold declaration in

October 1929

67 The first part of Lord Irwin declaration related to


68 The second part of Lord Irwin declaration was about the

Announcement of the Round Table Conference

69 In April 1928, who became the Viceroy of India?

Lord Irwin

70 Which report was published in March 1930, which invited lot of criticism?

Simon Commission

71 Which political party of India in 1929 had authorised its working committee to start a civil disobedience movement?

All India Congress

72 The working committee of Congress launched its civil disobedience movement in 1930 under the leadership of


73 When Congress decided that it will not take part in any Round Table Conference?

December 1929

74 Congress annual session of 1929 held at


75 Who decided to hold a Round Table Conference in 1930?

British Government

76 Which political party decided to withdraw from Central and Provincial Legislature after the decision of government in 193?


77 When Independence Day was celebrated by the Congress?

January 26, 1930

78 When First Round Table Conference began?

November 1930

79 Where First Round Table Conference was held?


80 Who were the representatives of Muslim Community in first Round Table Conference?

Agha Khan, Muhammad Shafi, Muhammad Ali Jauhar and M. A. Jinnah

81 How many Hindus participated in the First Round Table Conference?


82 Why no Hindu leader participated in the First Round Table Conference?

Civil Disobedience Movement

83 How many delegates were invited by the British Government for First Round Table Conference?


84 Who inaugurated the First Round Table Conference?

George V

85 First Round Table Conference was from

12th November to 19th January

86 When Gandhi and his colleagues were released by the British Government from jail?

January 25th, 1931

87 After release from Jail, a meeting of Gandhi was arranged with

Lord Irwin

88 When Gandhi and Irwin Pact was signed?

19th February 1931

89 When the First Round Table Conference ended?

19th January 1931

90 The First Round Table Conference ended with whose statement that the conference agreed for a Federal type of Government of India?

Ramsay MacDonald

91 When Second Round Table Conference opened?

7th September 1931

92 Where Second Round Table Conference opened?


93 The Second Round Table Conference lasted till

1st December 1931

94 Who was the representative of Congress in Second Round Table Conference?


95 Which Muslim leader had died by the time the Second Round Table Conference?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

96 How many committees were setup to carry out the work of Second Round Table Conference on federal structure and minorities?


97 Which was more sensitive issue before the Second Round Table Conference?

Hindu-Muslim Unity

98 Who refused to accept the representative character of Muslim delegation in Second Round Table Conference as they did not belong to the Congress?


99 Which Muslim leader demanded that the Fourteen Points of Quaid-e-Azam should be inducted in the future constitution of India?

Sir Muhammad Shafi

100 Who winded up Second Round Table Conference?





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