Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part V

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part V

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1 Who announced that in case the Indian representatives could not reach an agreement on communal issue, then the British Government would have no alternative to laying down a Provincial Scheme according to its own discretion?


2 Who announced the Communal Award?


3 When Macdonald announced the Communal Award?

August 16, 1932

4 According to Communal Award, Muslims quota of representation in Bombay was

30 out of 175 seats

5 According to Communal Award, the Muslims quota in Madras was

29 out of 215 seats

6 According to Communal Award, Muslims quota of representation in Bengal was

119 out of 250 seats

7 According to Communal Award, Muslims quota of representation in Punjab was

86 out of 175 seats

8 According to Communal Award, Muslims quota of representation in Assam was

34 out of 108 seats

9 According to Communal Award, Muslims quota of representation in Sindh was

34 out of 60 seats

10 The Communal Award reduced Muslim population in which provinces?

Punjab and Bengal

11 Who was the leader of depressed class in India?

Dr. Ambedkar

12 Allama Iqbal gave his historical presidential address at Allahbad in


13 Third Round Table Conference began on

17th November 1932

14 The Third Round Table Conference ended on

24th November 1932

15 Which Muslim leader did not take part in Third Round Table Conference?


16 In absence of Quaid-e-Azam, who headed the Muslim delegation in Third Round Table Conference?

Sir Agha Khan

17 Which Hindu leader was leading the Hindu delegation in Third Round Table Conference?


18 Gandhi did not take part in Third Round Table Conference because of his

Civil disobedience movement

19 Communal Award was the

British own scheme for solving the constitutional issue

20 Communal Award was published in

August 1932

21 The recommendations of All Round Table Conferences were contained in a white paper which was published in


22 The British Parliament setup a committee under Lord Linlithgow to consider the recommendations of

White Paper

23 Who was Lord Linlithgow?

Viceroy of India

24 The committee under Lord Linlithgow published its report in 1934 which was contained in a

Bill of Law

25 The Bill of Law received Royal assent on

24th July 1935

26 After gaining the Royal assent, the Bill of Law was enforced in India as

Government of India Act 1935

27 An agreement between Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar is known as

Pona Pact

28 Who was Syed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani?

Political leader and reformer

29 Who proposed to make the northern part of the Sub-continent an independent Muslim State?

Sayed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani

30 Who was Maulana Abdul Halim Sharar?

Urdu Novelist

31 When Abdul Halim Sharar suggested that India should be divided into two Hindu and Muslim states?

23rd August 1890

32 When Khairi brothers made the proposal of partition?


33 When Muhammad Adul Qadir Bilgrami advocated the division of the sub-continent between the Hindus and Muslims?


34 Who coined the word ‘‘Pakistan’’?

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali

35 The word Pakistan means

Land of Pure

36 Who wrote the book ‘‘Pakistan; The Land Of Pak Nation’’?

Chaudhry Rehamat Ali

37 The annual session of Muslim League, which changed abruptly the political horizon of India began on

23rd March 1940

38 In 1940, where the annual session of Muslim League was held?

Minto Park, Lahore

39 Who presided over the annual session of Muslim League in 1940?


40 When Pakistan Resolution was moved?

23rd March 1940

41 Who Moved the Pakistan Resolution?


42 Pakistan Resolution was seconded by whom?

Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman and others

43 When the Pakistan Resolution was presented before the full House?

23rd March 1940

44 How many words were contained in Pakistan Resolution?

400 words

45 How many paragraphs were contained in Pakistan Resolution?


46 Pakistan Resolution strengthen which theory?

Two Nation Theory

47 Who referred to the partition as vivi-section of Mother India?

Hindu Leaders

48 Who called Pakistan Resolution a ‘‘Moral Wrong’’?


49 Jinnah’s demand of Partition is just like a qurrel between the two Brothers. One who want to slaughter it into two pieces to decide amongst them, who made this statement?

Raj Gopal Aacharia


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50 Who translated Pakistan resolution from English to Urdu?

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

51 Bande Matram was written by

Bankim Chatterjee

52 Who was Bankim Chatterjee?

A Bengali novelist

53 Bankim Chatterjee wrote Bande Matram in his novel


54 Under Widdia Mander Scheme students were asked to pay respect to

Gandhi’s picture

55 Who was the author of Widdia Mander Scheme?

Dr. Zakir Husain

56 Who was Dr. Zakir Husain?

A Muslim Congress political leader

57 Muslims of the sub-continent observed the Day of Deliverance on

22nd December 1939

58 On whose call, Muslims observed the Day Deliverance?


59 Day of Deliverance was observed by the Muslims after

Congress ministries resigned from their office

60 What is Bang-i-Islam?

Name suggested by Chaudhry Rehamt Ali for the Muslim State of Bengal

61 When Ch. Rehmat Ali demanded Bang-i-Islam?

In 1937

62 Usmanistan was the name suggested by Ch. Rehmat Ali for the

Muslim State of Hyderabad

63 Initially the Pakistan Resolution was called

Lahore Resolution

64 On whose demand the name was changed from Lahore Resolution to Pakistan Resolution?

Ch. Rehmat Ali Khan

65 Cripps Mission was headed by

Stafford Cripps

66 Who was Stafford Cripps?

Prominent member of the War Cabinet of England

67 When Crpps Mission reached Delhi?

March 24, 1942

68 The objective of Cripps Mission was

To hold discussion with Indian Leaders

69 Which Mission could not hold talks with Indian leaders and returned after a short stay?

Cripps Mission

70 When Cripps Mission submitted its own suggestions?

April 1942

71 Cripps Mission returned England on

8th August 1942

72 Cripps Mission submitted its suggestions for which reforms?


73 Lasting meeting of All India Muslim League was held in


74 When Congress published the resolution of rejection?

April 11, 1942

75 When Congress working committee passed resolution of rejection?

2nd April 1942

76 On whose advice Congress rejected the Crips proposals?


77 Which Political Party in order to put more pressure on the government launched Quit India Movement?


78 When Congress decided to get independence from British by putting greater pressure on the government by launching Quit India Movement?

8th August 1942

79 Which Muslim Leader considered that Quit India Movement as anti-Muslim action of the Congress?


80 Who declared Quit India Movement as political blackmailing?


81 The Muslim League in reply of Congress’ Quit India slogan demanded

Divide India and go

82 Who said ‘‘The Quit India Movement in fact is a conspiracy to establish Hindu Raj and to finish Muslim demands’’?


83 When Lord Wavell came to India?

March 1943

84 Why Congress rejected the Cripps Plan?

Because it did not give assurance that the Governor General would act as a constitutional head

85 Who was Lord Wavell?

A reputed military commander

86 Before coming to India, Lord Wavell was

Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces

87 The congress rejected the Cripps proposals and demanded the establishment of a

Free national government

88 Lord Wavell offered a scheme for the settlement of the future political problems of India which is known as

Wavell Plan

89 Lord Wavell offered in his scheme a plan to set up a new

Executive Council

90 When Jinnah issued a statement on the Wavell proposal?

29th June 1943

91 In which year to Lord Wavell convened Conference of Indian political leaders to discuss Wavell Plan?

24th June 1945

92 When Gandhi left politics?


93 Last Muslim Meeting was held at


94 When the Simla conference began?

24th June 1945

95 When Liaquat Ali Khan joined Muslim League?


96 In Simla Conference which Muslim leader made it clear that League could not in any circumstances agree to a constitution on any basis other than Pakistan?


97 Which Viceroy tenure is shortest in the Sub-continent?

Lord Mountbatten

98 The Simla Conference met for the last time on

14th July 1945

99 At the end of the Conference who demanded that general elections should be held in the centre to prove that who is sole representative of which community?


100 Viceroy Lord Wavell announced that general elections should be held in the year of





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