Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part VI

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part VI

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1 Can you name the Viceroy with longest tenure in the history of Sub-continent?

Lord Linlithgow

2 What are the names of Khairi Brothers?

Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khairi and Prof. Abdul Sattar Khairi

3 Who commented about Cripps Mission as ‘‘A post-dated cheque on a failing bank’’?


4 When Gandhi wrote to Jinnah for a one-on-one meeting?

17th July 1944

5 Gandhi and Jinnah meetings are called

Gandhi-Jinnah Talks

6 Gandhi-Jinnah Talks began on

19th September 1944

7 Gandhi-Jinnah Talks ended on

24th September 1944

8 Gandhi-Jinnah Talks were held in


9 Gandhi-Jinnah Talks were sometimes held directly and sometimes through


10 Lord Wavell came to India as Viceroy in

March 1943

11 Simla Conference began on

24th July 1945

12 Simla Conference ended on

14th July 1945

13 General elections were announced by Viceroy Lord Wavell on

21st August 1945

14 Who Quaid-i-Azam used called ‘‘The show-boy of Congress’’?

Abul Kalam Azad

15 Who was the first who called Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quaid-i-Azam?

Mian Feroz-ud-Din Ahmad (According to some other historians it was Mazhar-ud-Din)

16 When Jinnah was called Quaid-i-Azam for the first time?


17 The British Government headed by the Prime Minister Lord Attlee announced Cabinet Mission on

February 19, 1946

18 Lord Pethick Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps and Mr. A. V. Alexander were the memebrs of which Mission?

Cabinet Mission

19 Who was Pethick Lawrence?

Secretary of State for India

20 Who was Sir Stafford Cripps?

Member of Legislative Council

21 Who was Mr. A. V. Alexander?

Secretary of State

22 Who said that ‘‘We acknowledge the Hindu majority of India, but the Muslims are a separate nation and they must have the right of self-determination’’?


23 When the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

24th March 1946

24 On the arrival of the Cabinet Mission who tried to remove the misgivings created in the minds of the Muslims by the Mr. Attlee ill-advised remarks?

Viceroy of India

25 Which Muslim leader made it clear to the Cabinet Mission that the Muslim majority areas should be grouped together to make a sovereign and independent state?


26 When Cabinet Mission announced its plan?

16th May 1946

27 Under the Cabinet Mission Compromise formula was to remain united and the right of self-determination was apparently conceded to the


28 Where the Cabinet Mission arranged a Joint Conference?


29 Which political party of India insisted on the Single Constituent Assembly to make the constitution for an All India Federal Government?


30 When Muslim League proposed to the Cabinet Mission that the constitution making bodies, one for six provinces in Pakistan and the other for six Hindu provinces be set up?

April 9, 1946

31 What was the reaction of Congress when Muslim League withdrew acceptance of the Cabinet Mission plan?

It accepted the plan

32 When the Cabinet Mission and the Viceroy published a statement containing their own solution of the constitutional problem?

16th May, 1946

33 The points suggested by the Cabinet Mission were discussed at the conference from

9th May to 11th May 1946

34 Which Congress leader criticized the Cabinet Mission’s Plan?


35 Which Indian leader maintained that the Cabinet Mission’s Plan was ‘‘an appeal and an advice’’ and that the Constituent Assembly as, a sovereign body, could vary the plan?


36 When Congress working committee demanded transfer of power to Hindu dominated legislature?

24th May 1946

37 Muslim League decided to celebrate ‘‘Direct Action Day’’ on

16th August 1946

38 When Muslim League decided to accept the Plan of the Cabinet Mission?

June 6, 1946

39 The book ‘‘Dive and Quit’’ is written by

Penderel Moor

40 In which book Penderel Moor has written that ‘‘Jinnah’s acceptance of the scheme had been fairly prompt and was certainly genuine?

Divide and Quit

41 Who declare in the British parliament that India would be free by 20th February 1948?

Lord Attlee

42 Who was the last Viceroy of India?

Lord Mountbatten

43 Who replaced Lord Wavell?

Lord Mountbatten

44 Lord Mountbatten came charged with the mission to make peaceful transfer of power from British to Indian Hands by

June 1947

45 When Quaid-e-Azam reached Karachi?

7th August 1947

46 Who was known as ‘‘Sarhadi Gandhi’’?

Khan Abdulghafar Khan

47 Justice Deen Muhammad and Justice Muhammad Munir , on behalf of Pakistan, were the members of the boundary commission of


48 How many total members of the Punjab Boundary Commission including Chairman?


49 Who had worked out a partition plan by the middle of April 1947?

Lord Mountbatten

50 When working committee of Congress gave its acceptance of the Partition Plan?

May 1st 1947


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51 When Partition Plan was issued?

June 3rd 1947

52 Partition Plan is known as

June 3rd Plan

53 Which Plan provided that the legislatures of the Punjab and Bengal shall decide whether the provinces should be divided or not?

June 3rd Plan

54 Which plan provided that referendum shall be held in N.W.F.P?

June 3rd Plan

55 Which plan provided that states shall be free and independent to join one or the other country?

June 3rd Plan

56 Which Plan provided that a Boundary Commission shall be set up after partition which will determine the boundaries of the two countries?

June 3rd Plan

57 Which plan provided that military assets shall be divided amongst the two countries after partition?

June 3rd Plan

58 How many boundary commissions were appointed to demarcate the boundaries between Pakistan and India?


59 Who said that ‘‘Plan did not meet’’ in some important respects, in our point of view?


60 The League Council, under whom directions ultimately accepted the June 3rd Plan, but ‘‘Under Protest’’?


61 Redcliff Award was declared on

16th August 1947

62 To give effect to the June 3rd Plan, the British Parliament passed which Act

Indian Independence Act, 1947

63 On which date the British parliament passed the Indian Independence Act?

July 18, 1947

64 Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of creation of Pakistan?

Lord Attlee

65 Which Act provided for the complete end of British control over Indian affairs from August 15, 1947?

Indian Independence Act 1947

66 Which Act provided that Governor General and Provincial Governors would no longer exercise their discretionary powers of individual judgement?

Indian Independence Act 1947

67 Boundary Commissions were set up for Bengal and Punjab under whose Chairmanship?

Sir Radcliff

68 Who was Sir Radcliff?

A lawyer

69 Who were the members of the Punjab Boundary Commission on behalf of Pakistan?

Justice Deen Muhammad and Justice Muhammad Munir

70 Who were the members of the Punjab Boundary Commission on behalf of India?

Justice Mehr Chand and Justice Jey Singh

71 Who were the members of Bengal Boundary Commission on behalf of Pakistan?

Justice Abu Saleh Muhammad, Justice Muhammad Akram and Justice S. A. Rehman

72 Who were the members of Bengal Boundary Commission on behalf of India?

Justice C. C. Biswas and Justice B.K. Mukrjee

73 When commissions were set up?

June 1947

74 When Radcliff arrived in India?

July 8, 1947

75 When Mountbatten arrived in India?

March 22, 1947

76 How many commissions were assigned the responsibility of demarking the boundaries of the two parts of Punjab and Bengal on the basis of the contiguous majority areas of Muslims and Non-Muslims?


77 Who was keenly desirous to become the joint Governor-General of India and Pakistan?

Lord Mountbatten

78 Which Political Party accepted the proposal of having a joint Governor-General?


79 Who rejected the proposal of having a joint Governor-General?


80 When Lord Mountbatten announced the establishment of the Government of Pakistan?

15th August 1947

81 When Quaid-i-Azam took oath as the first Governor-General of Pakistan?

15 August 1947

82 Which Act created two Dominions, Indian dominion and Pakistan?

Act of Partition 1947

83 According to which Act, the title of Viceroy was to be dropted?

Act of Partition of 1947

84 Who were Ali Brothers?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali

85 Bi Amman was the mother of

Ali Brothers

86 Who was Begum Jahan Ara Shah Nawaz?

Daughter of Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi

87 Name of Liaquat Ali Khan wife’s

Begum Raa’ana Liaquat Ali Khan

88 When was Quaid-i-Azam elected as the first President of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?

11th August 1947

89 Who was given the task of dividing the armed forces and assets?

British C-in-C Field Marshal Auchinleck

90 When the task of division of armed forces and assets was given to Auchinleck?

June 3rd, 1947

91 When division was decided, Pakistan was to get

750 million rupees

92 Pakistan received its first instalment out of 750 million rupees of

200 million

93 Indian Government on advice of whom hold the second instalment?

Sardar Patel

94 What Indian Government was demanding from Pakistani Government in return of second instalment?

Pakistan recognized India right over Kashmir

95 Who intervene in the instalment payment issue?


96 How Gandhi solved the problem?

Began hunger strike for the payment of second instalment to Pakistan

97 On Gandhi insistence, how much Indian Government paid to Pakistan in second instalment?

500 million

98 How much Pakistan owes to India out of the partition money?

50 million

99 When for the first time India cut off the canal water?

1st April 1948

100 Who was Sir Radcliff?

A lawyer




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