Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part VII

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part VII

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1 To solve the water issue between Pakistan and India, the two countries signed an agreement called

Indus Basin Water Treaty

2 The Indus Basin Water Treaty was concluded between the two countries on

September 19th, 1960

3 Who was the arbitrator in Indus Water Treaty?

World Bank

4 According to the treaty, the water of which rivers, Pakistan would use?

River Chenab, River Jhelum and River Indus

5 According to the treaty, the water of which rivers, India would use?

River Beas, River Ravi and River Sutlej

6 At the time of partition, the number of Indian Princely States was


7 These princely states comprised of the Indian Territory


8 These princely states comprised of the Indian Population

A quarter

9 These princely states were not part of the administrative setup of

British India

10 When Cabinet Mission advised these princely states to extend their cooperation for framing of constitution so that their interest should also be safeguard?

May 12th 1946

11 By 15th August 1947, all princely states announced their accession with India except

Junagarh, Kashmir and Hyderabad

12 India occupied Juanagarh on

9th November 1947

13 After Indian attack on Kashmir after partition, which general, who was the Commander-in-Chief of Pakistani army at that time, refused to counter attack?

General Gracy

14 To solve the issue of Kashmir, UNO passed how many resolutions at that time?


15 UN passed the first resolution on

August 3rd 1948

16 UN passed the second resolution on

January 5th 1949

17 The State of Hyderabad filed a complaint before the Security Council of UNO on

August 24th 1948

18 Which Act with some modifications was introduced in Pakistan as the interim constitution?

Government of India Act 1935

19 There are how many Constituent Assemblies in history of Pakistan?


20 The first Constituent Assembly existed



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21 The second Constituent Assembly existed


22 The third Constituent Assembly existed


23 The first Constituent Assembly passed a resolution in

March 1949

24 The resolution that the first Constituent Assembly passed was known as

Objectives Resolution

25 Pakistan adopted its first constitution on

23rd March 1956

26 Pakistan celebrates its Republic Day on

23rd March every year

27 The guiding principles of Pakistan’s foreign policy are firmly based on

Islamic ideology

28 Pakistan strategic location made it a focal point of the

Whole world

29 When Pakistan got first loan from USA?


30 Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan on

December 25th 1979

31 Which country first of all recognized Pakistan as an independent state?


32 In which fiscal year, American economic aid started to Pakistan?


33 Pakistan’s desire to cultivate friendly relations with China obviously annoyed which country?


34 In which year Ayub Khan supported China’s Membership of the UN?


35 An agreement on the demarcation of boundaries was concluded between China and Pakistan


36 When Ayub Khan paid a visit to China?


37 Karakoram Highway was built with the help of which country?


38 In which year China gave assistance to develop transport industry in Pakistan?


39 India has always denounced which Pak-China treaty?

Pak-China Boundary Treaty 1963

40 When Soviet leader Stalin extended an invitation to first PM of Pakistan to visit Moscow?


41 In which year USSR offered technical and economic assistance to Pakistan?


42 When USSR offered her assistance to Pakistan for building a steel mill?


43 In which year USSR gave a credit of 19 million Dollars to Pakistan for purchase of heavy machinery?


44 During which year trade between Pakistan and USSR rapidly increased?


45 During the war of 1971, Russia openly sided with


46 When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto visited Moscow for the first time?


47 When Soviet troops landed in Kabul?

December 26th 1979

48 When Soviet completed its troops withdrawal from Afghanistan?

February 1989

49 When Liaquat Ali Khan visited the USA?


50 When Pakistan signed Mutual Defence Assistance agreement with USA?

May 1954

51 When Pakistan joined Baghdad Pact?


52 In which year Pakistan joined South East Asia Treaty Organization?


53 When Jimmy Carter (President of USA) cut off the economic and military aid to Pakistan?

November 1977

54 When US informed Pakistan that America recognized the Durandline as the Pak-Afghan international boundary?

April 1979

55 When President Bush suspended the economic aid to Pakistan because he was unable to make the necessary certification to Congress?


56 By which agreement hostility between Pakistan and India came to an end?


57 When Simla Accord was signed by the President of Pakistan and Indian PM?


58 When Pakistan and India agree to start bus service from Sri Nagar to Muzaffarabad?

January 15th 2005

59 Pakistan has bought Mirage Fighter Aircrafts from which country?


60 Who said ‘‘Our foreign policy is one of the friendliness and goodwill towards all nations’’?


61 When Pakistan was declared as a great Non-NATO ally?


62 When America declared that Pakistan is our friend and front-line state against terrorism?


63 Under which amendment Pakistan was facing sanctions by the US?


64 Pressler amendment was passed in


65 Which country declared in 2007 that she will establish eight nuclear power plants in Pakistan?


66 ‘‘Pakistan Security and Foreign Policy’’ book was written by

Agha Shahi

67 ‘‘Major Phases of Pakistan Foreign Policy’’ is written by

Hasan Askari Rizvi

68 When Pakistan go to the chairmanship of Muslim countries in UNO?

May 2007

69 Pakistan’s foreign policy is divided into how many phases?


70 Name the first president of Pakistan who visited Bosnia-Herzegovina

Gen. Parvez Musharaf

71 Name the only president of Pakistan who wrote the book ‘‘Foreign Policy of Pakistan’’?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

72 The total length of Pak-Iran border is

805 km

73 The total length of Pak-India border is

1610 km

74 What is the total length of land border with different countries?

5262 km

75 What is the total length of coastline of Pakistan?

1046 km

76 Which country is located in South-West of Pakistan?


77 Which country is located to the North and North-East of Pakistan?


78 Which country is located in East of Pakistan?


79 Which country is located in West of Pakistan?


80 In South of Pakistan what is located?

Indian Ocean

81 The total area covered by Punjab is

205,344 sq km

82 The total area covered by Sindh is

140,914 sq km

83 The total area covered by KPK is

74,521 sq km

84 The total area covered by Baluchistan is

347,190 sq km

85 The total area covered by Islamabad is

906 sq km

86 The total area covered by FATA is

27,220 sq km

87 According to international law what is Pakistan’s territorial sea limit?

12 nm

88 According to international law, Exclusive Maritime Economic Zone of Pakistan is

200 nm

89 How much area of Pakistan is covered by mountains and plateaus?


90 Pakistan is situated at the Western side of the

Indo-Gangetic Plain

91 Land situated between two rivers is called


92 The climate of Pakistan is mostly

Hot and dry

93 What is the minimum and maximum average of January temperature in the plains of Pakistan?

4 C to 24 C

94 Pakistan has how many seasons?


95 Monsoon season in Pakistan starts in July and end in


96 Which is the hottest place in Pakistan?


97 Which is the rainiest place in Pakistan?


98 Which is coldest place in Pakistan?


99 Area around the rivers is known as


100 Pakistan’s plains are divided into how many parts?





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