Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part II

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part II

Here are some of the MCQs of Pakistan Affairs that we have collected from different books with the hope that these will help you in your preparation for CSS, PMS, NTS, PTS and other such competitive examinations and tests. We have tried our best to avoid any kind of miss-information and mistakes in its collection but still if you find any please inform us.

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1 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (M. A. O) High School at Aligarh on

24th May 1874

2 M. A. O. High School at Aligarh was upgraded to college level in


3 Chief guest of the inauguration of M. A. O. College was

Lord Lytton

4 M. A. O. College was finally raised to the level of university in


5 Who established the Muslim Educational Conference?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

6 Muslim Educational Conference was established in


7 In British History, the independence war of 1857 is called?


8 Rasala-i-Asbab-Baghawat-i-Hind was published by

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

9 In Rasala-i-Asbab-Baghawat-i-Hind, Sir Syed tried to explain

The real causes of the war of 1857

10 The book ‘Life of Muhammad’ was written by

William Muir

11 William Muir in his book had made highly

Objectionable remarks about the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

12 The book ‘Loyal Muhammadans of India’ was written by

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

13 In ‘Loyal Muhammadans of India’ Sir Syed gave a detailed account of the

Loyal services of Muslims of India

14 The famous book ‘An Apology for Muhammad and Muhammadans’ was written by

John Devenport

15 ‘Khutabat-i-Ahmadiya’ is the famous publication of

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

16 The book ‘Tabaeen-al-Kalam’ was written by

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

17 In ‘Tabaeen-al-Kalam’ Sir Syed pointed out

The similarities between Islam and Christianity

18 The English version of ‘Khutabat-i-Ahmadiya’ is called

Essays On The Life Of Muhammad

19 The most influential magazine, ‘Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq’ was published by

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

20 The author of ‘Ahkam-i-Ta’am-i-Ahl-e-Kitab’ is

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

21 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan used the term ‘Two Nations’ for the first time in


22 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died on

27th March 1898

23 Dar-ul-uloom-i-Deoband was started with establishment of a

Madrassah at Deoband in Saharanpur

24 The madrassah ‘Dar-ul-uloom-i-Deoband’ began functioning on

14th April 1866

25 The founder of ‘Dar-ul-uloom-i-Deoband’ is

Haji Muhammad Abid

26 ‘Nadva-tul-Ulema  Lucknow’ was established in


27 The founder of ‘Nadva-tul-Ulema  Lucknow’ was

Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor

28 ‘Nadva-tul-Ulema  Lucknow’ began functioning on

2nd December 1898

29 ‘Anjuman-e-Himayat-i-Islam Lahore’ was established on

24th September 1884

30 ‘Anjuman-e-Himayat-i-Islam Lahore’ was established in a small Masjid in Lahore known as

Masjid Bakan Khan

31 For financial needs ‘Anjuman-e-Himayat-i-Islam Lahore’ began a scheme known as

Muthi Bar Ata

32 ‘Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam’ was established in


33 The founder of ‘Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam’ was

Syed Hasan Ali Afandi

34 Islamia College of Peshawar was opened as a school in


35 The first ever constitutional structure for India was formulated in


36 The constitutional structure formulated in 1861 is known as

Legislative Councils Act 1861

37 All India National Congress was formed in


38 The founder of All India National Congress was

Allan Octavian Hume (A. O. Hume)

39 Indian Councils Act was introduced in the country in


40 Who was A. O. Hume?

A retired I.C.S. officer

41 Who was the first secretary general of Congress?

  1. O. Hume

42 Who forwarded the idea of Congress?

Lord Dufferin

43 Initial name given to Congress by A. O. Hume was

All India Union

44 The first Muslim president of Congress was

Badr-ud-Din Taiyabji

45 Who changed Congressed to a political organization from a social organization?

Lord Dufferin

46 When Mr. Badruddin became the president of Congress?


47 How many Britishers remained the presidents of Congress?

Six (6)

48 Who became the first Muslim Judge of Calcutta High Court?

Syed Ameer Ali

49 Who became the first Indian member of the Judicial committee of the Privi council?

Syed Ameer Ali

50 Who founded the Central National Muhammadan Association?

Syed Ameer Ali


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51 Where Syed Ameer Ali founded Central National Muhammadan Association?


52 When Syed Ameer Ali founded Central National Muhammadan Association?


53 Lord Curzon became the Viceroy of India in


54 Who announced the partition of Bengal?

Lord Curzon

55 When Lord Curzon announced the partition of Bengal?

16th October 1905

56 When Secretary of State sanctioned the partition of Bengal?

June 1905

57 What was total area of Bengal?

1, 89,000 sq. km

58 What was total population of East Bengal?

31 Million

59 Out of total population of Eastern Bengal, how many were Muslims?

18 Million

60 Out of total population of Eastern Bengal, how many were Hindus?

12 Million

61 What was the ratio of Muslims and Hindus in Eastern Bengal?


62 Who sanctioned the Scheme of Partition of Bengal?

St John Brodrick

63 Who was Sir John Brodrick at the Partition of Bengal?

Secretary of State

64 Who was the first governor of East Bengal?

Mr Filler

65 Which was the capital of East Bengal?


66 At the time of Partition of Bengal, who was the leader of Muslims in East Bengal?

Nawab Salimullah Khan

67 Hindus observed the partition day of Bengal as

National Mourning Day

68 The new province of East Bengal brought happier prospects of political and economic life for the


69 When Muslims accepted the  government decision of partition of Bengal?

22 October 1905

70 Under whose leadership a Hindu delegation went to England to protest against the partition of Bengal?


71 Name of the movement started by the Hindu against the Partition of Bengal was

Swadeshi Movement

72 In June 1911, which member of the Viceroy’s council made a proposal for the reversal of the Partition of Bengal?

Sir John Jenkins

73 Who left politics after the cancellation of Partition of Bengal?

Nawab Salimullah Khan

74 When Partition of Bengal was annulled?


75 Who made the announcement of annulment of Bengal Partition?

George V

76 Where George V made the announcement of the annulment of the Partition of Bengal?

At his coronation Darbar in Delhi

77 Who wrote a series of editorials in the journal, ‘The Comrade’ condemning the annulment?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar

78 Who criticize the annulment of the Partition of Bengal?

Lord Minto

79 Which Act introduced the principles of representation and election in India?

Indian Council’s Act 1892

80 When Lord Minto came into India as Viceroy?


81 What was the duration of Lord Minto II in Sub-continent?


82 The Muslim leaders drew up a plan of separate electorates for their community and presented it to Viceroy?

Lord Minto

83 Where Muslim leaders presented their plan of separate electorates to Viceroy Lord Minto?


84 When Muslim leaders presented the plan of separate electorates to Viceroy?

1st October 1906

85 How many Muslim leaders participated in Simla Deputation?


86 By whose efforts Muslims got an appointment with Viceroy Minto?

Mr. Archbold

87 Who was Archbold?

Principal of Aligarh College

88 The memorial presented by Simla Deputation to Viceroy Lord Minto carried how many signatures?


89 Who led the Simla Deputation?

Sir Agha Khan

90 When turning point in the early phase of Muslim political movement came?


91 Who appointed a committee of executive council to inquire into the working of the India Council Act, 1892?

Lord Minto

92 When annual session of All India Muslim Educational Conference was held?


93 Where annual session of All India Muslim Educational Conference was held?


94 Who presided over the All India Muslim Educational Conference?

Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

95 Who circulated the idea of political organization for Muslims of India known as All India Muslim Confederacy in the All India Muslim Educational Conference?

Nawab Salimullah Khan of Dacca

96 Who presented a resolution for the formation of Muslim League?

Nawab Salimullah Khan

97 When All India Muslim League was formed?

30th December 1906

98 Who was the first president of Al India Muslim League?

Sir Agha Khan

99 Who were elected provisionally as the joint secretaries of All India Muslim League?

Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk and Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

100 A committee of how many members was setup to draft the constitution of Muslim League?




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