Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs

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Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs

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1 Industrial production accounts for how much of Pakistan total GDP?


2 The two largest industries of Pakistan industrial sector are

Cotton textile and apparel

3 What percent of Pakistan’s total labor force is engaged in Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing?


4 Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing cover _______ percent of Pakistan merchandise exports.


5 Cotton based products accounts for how much of Pakistan total exports earning?


6 When was Sui gas discovered?


7 What is Reko Diq?

Copper and gold rich area

8 Where Reko Diq is located?


9 When was Riko Deq discovered?


10 What is the estimated annual copper production of Rikodeq?

200,000 tons

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11 The estimates annual gold production of Rikodiq is

400,000 ounces

12 Copper reserves at Rikodiq put it in worlds top

Seven reserves

13 Pakistan automotive industry accounts for what percent of the country’s total GDP?


14 In automotive industry of Pakistan, how much people are working?


15 Total how many automotive manufacturing plants Pakistan has?


16 Automotive manufacturing plants produce how many motorcycles annually?

1.8 million

17 Pakistan automotive manufacturing plants produce _________ vehicles annually.


18 Pakistan is the world _________ largest consumer of cotton.

Third (3rd)

19 On the basis of Cotton textile exportation, Pakistan rank in the world is

Third (3rd)

20 Pakistan is world _____ largest suppliers of cotton yarns.

Second (2nd)

21 On the basis of cement production what is the rank of Pakistan in the world?

Fifth (5th)

22 Pakistan has total how many cement production companies?


23 Out of total 23 cement companies, how many are foreign?

Four (4)

24 Total how many cement companies are controlled by army?

Three (3)

25 What is the contribution of cement production in Pakistan’s GDP?


26 Pakistan has how many total sugar mills at the time independence?

Two (2)

27 Now, what is the number of total sugar mills in Pakistan?


28 Sugar mill industries is Pakistan ___________ largest industry.

Second (2nd)

29 The largest industry of Pakistan is

Cotton textile industry

30 Sugar mills account for ______ percent of Pakistan GDP.


31 Pakistan is the world _______ exporter of hand stitched inflatable footballs.


32 Which city of Pakistan produces hand stitched inflatable footballs?


33 Sialkot produces how much of world’s total demanded footballs?


34 How much footballs Pakistan produces annually?

40 million

35 What is the total number of all size companies that produces sports goods?


36 What is the number of Pakistan in South Asia on the basis of mobile usage?

First (1st)

37 Surgical products contribute ___________ percent to Pakistan total GDP.





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