Pakistan MCQs

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Pakistan MCQs

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1 What is the official name of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

2 What is the total land area of Pakistan?

881,913 km²

3 On the basis of area what is the rank of Pakistan in the world?


Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs

4 On the basis of population what is the rank of Pakistan in the world?

Fifth (5th)

5 What is the population of Pakistan?

197 million

6 What was the total GDP of Pakistan in 2017?

305 billion USD

Pakistan Water Reservoir MCQs

7 What is the currency of Pakistan?

Pakistani Rupee

8 With how many countries Pakistan share border?

Four (4)

9 Pakistan is located in which part of the world?

South Asia

Famous Pakistani Books MCQs

10 What is the official language of Pakistan?


11 The land area of Pakistan approximately equal to the total land area of which two European countries?

France and UK

12 The total length of Pakistan coastline is

1046 KM

Pakistan Army MCQs

13 What is the total length of Pak-Afghan border?

2430 KM

14 What is the total length of Pak-China border?

523 KM

15 What is the total length of Pak-Iran border?

909 KM

Pakistan Historical Places MCQs

16 What is the total length of Pak-India border?

2912 KM

17 What is the total length of Pakistan’s land borders?

6774 KM

18 With which country Pakistan shares longest border?



19 The second largest border of Pakistan is with


20 Wakhan corridor separates Pakistan from which country?


21 India is situated on which side of Pakistan?


22 Iran is situated to ______ of Pakistan.


Pakistan Agricultural Sector MCQs

23 China is located to the _______ Pakistan.

Far north-east

24 Afghanistan is located on which side of Pakistan?


25 Forest covers how much of Pakistan’s total area?


26 The land of Pakistan is divided into how many areas?

Three areas

Pakistan National Institutions MCQs

27 The three major geographic areas of Pakistan are

Northern highlands, Indus river plain and Balochistan plateau

28 Over the height of eight thousand, Pakistan has total how many mountains?


29 The highest point of Pakistan is


30 The lowest point of Pakistan is

Arabian sea

31 Which is the longest river of Pakistan?


32 Which is the largest lake of Pakistan?

Mannchar lake

33 The largest city of Pakistan is


34 Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?


35 Which is the hottest place of Pakistan?




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