Pakistan National Institutions MCQs

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Pakistan National Institutions MCQs

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1 What is the full form of NAB?

National Accountability Bureau

2 When was NAB formed?

16th November 1999

3 Who headed NAB?

Chairman and Prosecutor General of Accountability

4 What is the function of Chairman NAB?

Headed investigation

5 What is the function of Prosecutor General of Accountability in NAB?

Headed prosecution

6 What is the term of service of Chairman NAB?

Four years

7 What is the term of service of Prosecutor General of Accountability in NAB?

Three years

8 Who was the first chairman of NAB?

Lt. Gen Syed Mohammad Amjad

9 What is the function of NAB?

Work against corruption and economic terrorism

10 What is the Motto of NAB?

Corruption free Pakistan

11 FIA stands for?

Federal Investigation Agency

12 When was FIA formed?

January 13, 1975

13 What is the Motto of FIA?

Truth and Honesty

14 FIA is headed by?

Director General

15 FIA work under the control of

Ministry of Interior

16 What is the parent body of FIA?

Ministry of Interior

17 What are the functions of FIA?

Border control, Counter Intelligence and Security

18 Can you name the parent body of NAB?

NAB is an autonomous body (No Parent body)

19 FPSC stands for?

Federal Public Service Commission

20 When was FPSC formed?


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21 FPSC is headed by


22 What is the full form of ISI?

Inter-Services Intelligence

23 When was ISI formed?

1st January 1948

24 Who founded ISI?

Robert Cawthome

25 ISI is headed by?

Director General

26 The first DG ISI was?

Syed Shahid Hamid

27 Robert Cawthome was the

Second DG ISI

28 The current DG ISI is

Asim Munir

29 The function of ISI is

Collection, Processing and analyzing of data related to national security from all around the world

30 FBR is the abbreviation of

Federal Board of Revenue

31 When was FBR formed?

1st July 1920

32 FBR is the successor of?


33 CBR stands for

Central Board of Revenue

34 FBR is headed by


35 The function of FBR is

Investigating tax evasion and money laundering

36 PSX stands for?

Pakistan Stock Exchange

37 When was PSX formed?

11 January 2016

38 Where is PSX located?


39 PSX was formed by merging the

Three large stock exchange markets of Pakistan

40 PSX is a combination of which three stock exchange markets?

Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

41 What SBP means?

State Bank of Pakistan

42 When the State Bank of Pakistan began work?

1st July 1948

43 Who founded the State Bank of Pakistan?

Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

44 SBP is run by

Governor of SBP

45 What does NADRA means?

National Database And Registration Authority

46 When was NADRA founded?

10th March 2000

47 What is the Motto of NADRA?

Empowerment through identity

48 Who headed NADRA?


49 NADRA works under

Ministry of Interior

50 What is OGDCL full form?

Oil and Gas Development Company Limited

51 What is OGDCL?

A Pakistani multinational company

52 What is the full form of SCP?

Supreme Court of Pakistan

53 When was Supreme Court of Pakistan founded?

14 August 1947

54 CDA means?

Capital Development Authority

55 When was CDA founded?

June 14, 1960

56 PSO stands for

Pakistan State Oil

57 When was PSO established?

30th December 1976

58 Where headquarter of PSO is located?


59 What does SUPARCO means?

Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

60 When was SUPARCO established?

16th September 1961

61 PTCL stands for

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

62 When was PTCL founded?

Initially in 1947 (incorporated in 1995)

63 When was PTV founded?

26 November 1964

64 Where was the first television headquarter established?


65 Who is called the Father of Pakistan Television?

Aslam Azhar

66 When was PTV nationalized?

After 1971 war

67 When was Rdio Pakistan established for the first time?


68 Where was Radio Pakistan established?


69 Radio Pakistan has the honor of announcing

Pakistan independence

70 From where Radio Pakistan announced Pakistan’s independence?


71 From Lahore, who made Pakistan’s independence announcement?

Mustafa Ali Hamdani

72 From Peshawar, who made the announcement of Pakistan’s independence?

Abdullah Jan Maghmoon

73 When was radio station opened in Karachi?


74 In Rawalpindi when was Radio station opened?


75 When was Radio station opened in Quetta?


76 When was Pakistan Railway first established?

May 13, 1861

77 Where is the headquarter of Pakistan Railway located?


78 PIA stands for

Pakistan International Airlines

79 When was PIA established?

October 29, 1946

80 Where was PIA established?


81 What PIA was called in the beginning?

Orient Airways

82 NBP means

National Bank of Pakistan

83 When was NBP established?


84 WAPDA stands for

Water And Power Development Authority

85 When was WAPDA developed?

22 February 1958

86 PEMRA stands for

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

87 When was PEMRA founded?

1st March 2002

88 The Motto of PEMRA is improving the standard of

Information, Education and Entertainment

89 PEMRA is headed by


90 NHA stands for

National Highway Authority

91 When was NHA founded?


92 The Motto of NHA is

Friendly Highways

93 Who founded Pakistan Steel Mills?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

94 When was Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation founded?

July 2, 1973

95 OGRA stands for

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority

96 When was OGRA founded?


97 SLICP stands for

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

98 State Life of Pakistan was founded in


99 When was Pakistan Post established?

15 August 1947

100 The headquarter of Pakistan Post is located in


101 ECP stands for

Election Commission of Pakistan

102 ECP was founded on

23rd March 1956



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