Pakistan’s Population MCQs

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Pakistan’s Population MCQs

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1 What was the population of Pakistan in 2017?

197 million

2 What was the estimated population of Pakistan in 2018?

200 million

3 Pakistan’s total population equals to __________ percent of world’s total population.


4 What is the population density of Pakistan?

260 people per KM2

5 Total urban population of Pakistan is


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6 What is the median age in Pakistan?

22.7 years

7 The rural population of Pakistan is


8 When was National Symposium on Alarming Population Growth rate held?

5th December 2018

9 As per UN report on population basis, Pakistan in 2050 would be world’s

Fourth most populated country

10 Among Asian countries, which country had first of all initiated family planning programme?

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11 With current growth rate what is the expected population of Pakistan by 2050?

335 million

12 What is the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) of Pakistan?


13 What is the population growth rate of Pakistan?


14 What is world’s annual population growth rate?


15 What is world’s per woman fertile rate?

3 kids

16 Fertile rate of Pakistani woman is

3.5 children


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