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Real Development – Essay



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“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership

Harvey S. Firestone


The ultimate goal of every action and policy of a man and a state is to maximize its gains and to minimize losses to the lowest possible level. This is considered as one of the basic principles of development process, which is a multifaceted phenomenon. Generally people considered an increase in economic assets and statistics a sign of development but this is not true as this is only one aspect of the complex process of development. We observe that many states claim to be developed but still the life of an average person in these states seem to be miserable and full of many problems. A real development is that transforms the lives of people. It is not only an increase in economic activities at state level.


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Before discussing the influence of real development on people’s lives, it is necessary to first understand whether a rise in economic statistics be called development or not? The answer of this question can be found in the concept of development itself. A general perception about development is that it enhanced the standard of a society or a state on many grounds. Some these various bases includes enhancement in literature, science, social and political structure and economic development. This explanation of development therefore clarifies that economic improvement is not the complete form of development of a society in itself. It, in fact, is a part of a long, complex phenomenon. This can be explained by an example as if a state’s overall economy improves but its citizens still live miserable lives and they do not have access to the basic necessities of life, this improvement in economic statistics cannot be called real development of that state.

Only that development can be called real development which has direct effects on people’s lives. A real development transforms people lives on many bases, some which have been discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.


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Illiteracy and the inability of general public to get higher education are the two major problems especially of all the third world countries. A true development not only decreases the percentage of illiteracy in society but it also makes sure the reach of majority of the population to a standard higher education. In today’s world, an overall development of a state is only possible if she has huge skilled labor market. An ordinary labor can only be converted to a skilled labor by providing him requisite knowledge and this is what real development does in a society.

Peace, harmony and cooperation are some of the principles that real development enforce in society at first place. This is because people can only prosper if they have every opportunity to invest and earn money and their lives, liberty and property are saved. The peace of a society is linked somehow to the level of literacy in a society. If the citizens of a state are literate, there will be fewer chances of conflict and war in that society.

It is the desire of every individual that he must have maximum number of choices for making money and living a successful life. By providing education and establishing a peaceful society, economic prosperity of people is what real development next characteristic. People in real developed states have more opportunities to start business and make money or get hired and get financial benefits in turn of provision their services.

While providing every chance for economic gains, real development also makes sure that people should compete each other while following the basic principles of ethics and morality. People should not be too much selfish in their struggle for more financial benefits as this would ultimately destroy the social fabrics of the society. Thus real development along with providing more chances for economic development also instill in people the principles of consideration and generosity.

Another very important influence of real development on people’s lives is that it improves the living standard of people especially of poor class in real sense. Poor’s in a really developed society have access to every basic need of life. They unlike other generally developed societies are not totally at the mercy of other wealthy families and government. In really developed society, they have many options to improve the standard of their lives.


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Along education and economy, real development also improves the overall health condition of the society. The rate of diseases especially those that arises due to the taking of unhygienic food, living in dirty environment and lack of awareness about the disease and its symptoms, reduces to the lowest possible level.

Real development also provides equal chances of development and success to all members of the society without any discrimination. This is a unique characteristic of really developed society as in all other generally developed societies different malpractices such as corruption, nepotism and favoritism are common to get successful but in case of real development there is no chance of any such practices. Every person in a really developed society gets what he deserves.

Today most of the countries, both developed and developing states, are facing the problem of disunity among the masses which even sometimes poses a serious threat to the very existence of the state itself. This problem usually arises due to the unequal distribution of wealth among the masses and difference in the level of economic development of different areas. Normally that area in a state developed more that has more resources. Similarly in such states rich gets richer and poor get poorer. But real development on the other hand results in the equal distribution of wealth among the masses and same level of economic development throughout the state. Thus real development helps in the promotion of the spirit of unity and national integration among the general public of the state.


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Due to the fulfillment of every need of people and availability of every opportunity for success, real development ultimately produced think-tanks whose work and views not only influence the lives of people of that particular society but also of the whole world.

New discoveries and inventions becomes common in a really developed society which not only positively affect the lives of people of that particular state but it also gives a distinctive status to it in the world.

Real development also increases the per capita income of people in society. Per capita income means the amount of money that per person earns in a particular time. Each individual of a really developed society earns more than all other individuals. Similarly the unemployment rate is also very low. This is because there are more opportunities available to each individual to either get hired or start a business of his own.

Only an increase in economic statistics cannot be called development if it does not have effects on the lives of people. For development it is necessary that the life of an average person must improve. Development is a complex phenomenon that brings changes in almost all aspects of the lives of people. But it is also true that development is not possible without an overall increase in the economic assets of the state. To conclude we can say that a mere rise in economic statistics cannot be called development but real development itself is also not possible without the improvement of the economy.


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