Reasons Responsible For Gender Inequality In Pakistan

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Reasons Responsible For Gender Inequality In Pakistan

gender inequality

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you.”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report of 2016 has ranked Pakistan as the world second worst country on the bases of gender inequality in the country. The World Economic Forum’s Report measures gender parity in a society in four areas which includes equal opportunity of educational attainment, equal health facilities, equal economic opportunities and level of political empowerment of women in the society. Despite of the government’s strong commitment to the eradication of gender inequality in all its forms from the society, the female population of Pakistan still lives a deplorable life in the country.

Reasons Responsible For Gender Inequality In Pakistan

There are many factors that are responsible for the gender inequality in Pakistan. Until these causes have not been addressed properly, the problem of gender discrimination in the society is expected to last forever.

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Reasons Responsible For Gender Inequality In Pakistan

The values of gender discrimination have become so integral part of our society that it is hard to exactly name and pointed out them. However, below are some of the common reasons that have been considered as the major reasons of gender discrimination in the society.

Patriarchal Structure Of The Society

The patriarchal structure of the society of many Third World countries including Pakistan is one of the major hurdles in achieving gender equality in the society. Such pattern of the society not only keeps men at the top in every social stratum but also suppressed women in the society at the same time.

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Another effect of this form of social structure on women lives is that, in the society a man has every right to take any decision about the life of a woman. Such decisions include decision about woman education, woman marriage and so on.

Biased Cultural Values

Some general evil perceptions in our society such as the belief of women physical and mental inferiority to men and the idea that women role in society by nature is confined to home, are some of the biased cultural values that prevailed in our society for centuries. These cultural principles are a great source of men for containment the role of women in the society.

Some other similar principles are the killing of women in the name of honor and the practice of giving women in marriage bond for solving mutual problems especially of murder among the tribes all over the Pakistan.

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High Rate Of Illiteracy

High illiteracy rate in the country is not only one of the major cause of gender discrimination in Pakistan but it has also many other negative effects on the country’s performance as well. The role of illiteracy in gender discrimination in Pakistan is that it has led to the development of many immoral values, principles and ideas in the country regarding gender equality in the country.

Lethargic Behavior Of The Government

The sluggish role of the government in the eradication of gender inequality from the country is no doubt one of the major reasons of the existing gender discrimination in the society. In this regard, the first and most important step of the government towards the eradication of gender inequality should be the rise of literacy level of women in the society because if women will know their rights only then they would be able to ask and work for their equality in the society.

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Fear Of Destruction Of Society Like West

This is one of the basic reasons of why even literate people of the society are strongly against the western pattern of gender equality. According to them there is a fine difference between equality and immodesty. This group is not against the equality of women but they are afraid of the results of the gender equality based on western pattern because according to them this pattern of equality has completely divested western society and family life. They present many arguments in the support of their view.

This is both a hurdle as well as a suggestion that government should keep in mind while ensuring and promoting gender equality in the country because Pakistan being an Islamic republic cannot endure such experiments that may destroy the social and religious norms of the country.


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