Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part I

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Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part I

1 Hajj starts on

8th Zilhajj

2 Which rituals Hujjaj performs on 8th Zilhajj?

Hujjaj move to Mina from Makkah

3 What Hujjaj do in Mina?

Pray their salah and stay there at night

4 On 9th Zilhajj, Hujjaj performs which rituals?

After Fajar Salah moves to Arafat

5 What Hujjaj do in Arafat?

Stay there till dusk

Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part II

6 After dusk in Arrafat where Hujaj moves?

They move to Muzdalfah and pray there the salah of both Maghreb and Isha

7 After prayer, what Hujjaj do in Muzdalfah?

Stay there at night

8 On 10th Zilhajj, where Hujjaj moves?

They move to Mina

9 Which rituals Hujjaj performs in Mina on 10th Zilhajj?

Stoning the Devil (Sitan)

10 Stoning the Sitan is called?


11 After Ramee in Mina what other rituals Hujjaj performs there?


12 Kissing of Hijr-e-Aswad is called?


13 Tawaf-e-Sadar is performed?

At departure

14 On entering Masjid-e-Haram which Tawaf is performed?


15 Tawaf-e-Qudum is?


16 Second Khutba is delivered?

On 9th Zilhajj 

17 The stay at Arafat is called?


18 Stones (Pebbles) for Ramee are collected in?


19 Talbiah stoped?

After Ramee

20 Sayee starts from?


21 Sayee end at?


22 After Sayee, Hujjaj moves to?


23 How many times the Hujjaj run between Safa and Marwa?

Seven times

24 What is the first important step after taking on Ihram?


25  Wuquf-e-Arfa is also called as?



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