Steps Of Hajj MCQs

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Steps Of Hajj MCQs

1 Zilhajj is?

12th Month of Islamic calendar

2 Masjid-e- Nimra is located?


3 The day Hujjaj goes to Mina is also called as?

Yumul Taraveeh

4 The first day of Hajj is?

8th Zilhaj

5 The second day of Hajj is

9th Zilhajj

6 The third day of Hajj is?

10th Zilhajj

7 Holy prophet (PBUH) delivered His farewell sermon at?


8 What does Al Multazim means?

Place of holding

9 Al Multazim is?

The place between Kaaba and Hijr-e-Aswad

10 Where is Muzdalifa?

Located between Arafat and Mina

11 Muzdilfa is how far from Makkah?

Six miles

12 The Noble Quran has called Muzdalifa?

Sacred Monument

13 After completing Tawaf, where did Hujjaj goes?

Al Multazim

14 Rukn-i-Hindi is?

Corner towards India

15 Rukn-i-Yamani is?

Corner of Kaaba which is towards Yemen

16 Hateem is the place?

Between Rukn-i-Shami and Rukn-i-Iraqi

17 Prayer at Hateem is like?

Prayer inside Kaaba

18 Hateem is also called?


19 The place where Hujjaj are bound to put on Ihram is called?


20 Bab-e-Islam is?

The name of a gate of Kaaba

21 Hijr-e-aswad means?

Black stone

22 Actual color of Hijr-e-Aswad was?


23 On which three days, Umrah cannot be performed?

9th, 10th and 11th Zilhajj

24 What are Jamarat?

The three upright stones (Devils)

25 What is the number of Jamarat?


26 What is the name of Masjid located in Mina?


27 Another name of Hajj day is?


28 The day of Sacrifice is also called?

Yome Nahar


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