Straits MCQs

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Straits MCQs

1 Which is the largest strait in the world?

Strait of Malacca

2 Which is the narrowest strait in the world?

Bosporus Strait

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3 Which is the longest strait in the world?

Strait of Malacca

4 Which strait separates India from Sri Lanka?

Palk Strait

5 Which strait separates Africa from Asia?

Suez Canal

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6 Which strait separates Africa from Europe?

Strait of Gibraltar

7 Which is the busiest strait in the world?

Strait of Dover

8 Which Strait connects the Red Sea and Indian Ocean?

Bab el-Mandeb Strait

9 Which strait connects Arctic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean?

Bering Strait

10 Which strait connects Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal?

Palk Strait

11 Which strait connects Black Sea and Sea of Marmara?


12 Which strait connects Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea?

Suez Canal

13 Which strait connects Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

Strait of Gibraltar

14 Where is Strait of Malacca located?

 Between Indonesia and Malaysia

15 Where is Bab-el-Mandeb Strait located?

Between Yemen and Djibouti

16 Where is Bering Strait located?


17 Where is Dover Strait located?


18 Where is Strait of Hormuz located?


19 Where is Gibraltar Strait located?



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