Surahs in Quran MCQs Part I

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Surahs in Quran MCQs Part I

In these Islamic Studies MCQs, Surahs in Quran and their names and attributes have been discussed in Multiple Choice Questions answer form. These MCQs will help readers to keep detail about Surahs in Quran easily in their mind.

1 The first revealed Sura is


2 The word Alaq means

Leech or Medicinal Leech or Blood Cloat or Coagulated Blood

3 Sura Al-Alaq is also sometimes called as

Sura Iqra

4 The second revealed Sura is


5 The third revealed Sura is


Surahs in Quran MCQs Part II

6 Which Sura in the Holy Quran does not start with Bismillah?


7 Which Sura has two times Bismillah?


8 Ghar-e-Sur (Cave Sur) is mentioned in Sura


9 The word Islam has been mentioned in the Holy Quran

Six (6) Times

10 How many Suras are there in the last Para’?

Thirty Seven (37) Suras

11 Which sura is on the name of tribe of Holy Prophet?


12 The name of Allah has repeated five times in which surah?

Sura Al Haj

13 Which Surah of Holy Quran is on the name of a war?

Surah Al Ahzaab

14 Surah Al Ahzaab is also called as

Surah Anfal

15 Which Surah is called 1/3 of Holy Quran?

Surah Tauheed

16 How many Surahs’ name do not contain dot?

Five (5)

17 How many Surahs of the Holy Quran start with Muqtte’at (initials)?

Twenty Nine (29)

18 Which Sura was revealed twice?

Sura Al Hamd

19 In Surah Al Mujadala, the name of Allah was repeated how many times?

In every Verse

20 Letter ‘Fa’ did not come in Surah

Al Hamd

21 Which is the name of Surah, whose first letter if removed becomes the name of Saudi city?

Surah Al Sajdah

22 Surah Al T auheed is the only Surah whose every verse ends on which letter?


23 The unique Surah of Holy Quran whose every verse ends on letter ‘Ra’ is?

Surah Al Kausar

24 Which Surah has discussed women issues in detail?

Surah Al Nisa

25 The Hijra of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is discussed in which Surah of Holy Quran?

Surah Anfall


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