Surahs in Quran MCQs Part II

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Surahs in Quran MCQs Part II

This is part II of the MCQs series about Surahs in Quran. In these Multiple Choice Questions answer we have published important info about Surahs.

1 In Surah Al Hadeed, how many Attributes of God are mentioned?

Twenty Seven (27)

2 Surah Fatiha is the only Surah with maximum number of?


3 In the Holy Quran, Prophet (PBUH) has been referred to as Ya Ay-yohun Nabio how many times?

Eleven (11) Times

4 The total Attributes of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran are?

Ninety Nine (99)

5 The last Surah of Quran is

Al Nas

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6 There are how many verses of Prostration in the Holy Quran?

Fifteen (15)

7 Holy Book Taurat was revealed in?


8 The language of Zabur and Injil is?


9 The language of Holy Quran is?


10 First Surah revealed in Madinah was?

Surah Al Fatiha

11 Generally Ayats of Sjda are in?

Makki Suras

12 How many number of ayat describe Khatm-e-Nabuwat?

Ninety Nine (99)

13 The event of Miraj is mentioned in?

Fifteenth (15th) Parah

14 How many Suras start with Qul?

Four (4) Suras

15 How many Suras start with Alhamdulillah?

Five (5) Suras

16 How many Suras start with Alif Laam Mim?

Six (6)

17 How many Suras start with Ha Mim?

Six (6) Suras

18 How many Suras start with Alif Raa?

Five (5) Suras

19 With word ” Inna ” how many Surahs start?

Four (4) Surahs


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