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Economics MCQs For Lectureship CSS PMS And NTS Part VI

1 Marshall in his definition of economics uses the concept of Material welfare 2 Wealth of Nations Is a book 3 Alfred Marshall wrote Principles of Economics 4 Economic Theory means Principles of economics 5 Robbins in his definitions talks about Scarcity of resources 6 Market system means Capitalism 7 ‘Wealth of Nations’ was written

Important MCQs About Pakistan Economy

We have collected some important MCQs about Pakistan economy from different sources with the hope that these MCQs will give a short glimpse of the working of Pakistan economy. Plus these MCQs will also give you a hand in your preparation for any type of test and examination. During the collection of MCQs we have

Economics MCQs For Lectureship CSS PMS And NTS Part V

1 Inflation can be control by applying Monetary and Fiscal policies 2 Inflation is a situation when General price level rises continuously 3 Under normal circumstances the velocity of circulation of money in a country is Less than 10 4 Banks discount it and advance loans Bill of exchange 5 Paper money is called fiat

Economics MCQs For Lectureship CSS PMS And NTS Part III

1 Depreciation is the process of Allocation of costs 2 What is conversion Cost? Cost of transforming direct materials into finished product 3 In an integrated costing system most of the data relevant to cost accounting comes from the Financial accounting system 4 Which method of costing is used by the sugar mills? Process costing