Holy Quran MCQs Part II

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Holy Quran MCQs Part II

These set of Holy Quran MCQs contain all general knowledge about Quran in Multiple Choice Questions answer form. Holy Quran MCQs is the part two of the series of MCQs about Holy Quran, its revelation, compilation and composition.

1 The number of Madni Suras in Holy Quran is

Twenty Nine (29)

2 Mecci Suras are those

That has been revealed in Mecca

3 Madni suras are

Revealed in Madina

4 The shortest Sura of Holy Quran comprises of

Three (3) Aayats

5 The longest Sura of the Holy Quran is comprised of

286 Aayats

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6 The shortest sura of Holy Quran is


7 The longest Sura of Holy Quran is

Sura Al-Baqara

8 The first Sura of Holy Quran is


9 The last sura is


10 Almost 19 Para’s of the Holy Quran is comprised of

Mecci Suras

11 The remaining 11 Paras of the Holy Quran is comprised of

Madani Suras

12 Longest Suras of the Holy Quran are in

The Start of the Book

13 Shortest Suras are in the

End of the Holy Quran

14 In Mecci Suras of The Holy Quran, most of the time who have been addressed?

 General public

15 In Madni suras of the Holy Quran, most of the time

Believers/Muslims have been addressed

16 The subject matter of Mecci Suras is generally

The basic beliefs of Islam

17 Generally the subject matter of Madni Suras of the Holy Quran is

The rules and regulation for the state and society

18 The Holy Quran was compiled for the first time during the Caliphate of

Abu Bakar (R.A)

19 Who for the first time gave the idea of the compilation of Quran?

Hazrat Umar (R.A)

20 The primary purpose of Holy Quran is to lay down a way of life which

Regulates the relationship of man with man and with God

21 Aayat-ul-ahkam in Quran are of three types which are

Ahkam-ul-Aatakadiya, Ahkam-al-Khulqiya and Ahkam-ul-Ilmiyah

22 Ahkam-ul-Aatakadiya are related to


23 Ahkam-al-Khulqiyah are related to


24 Ahkam-ul-Iliyah are related to

Ibadaat and Muamulaat

25 Sura literally means


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