Transportation MCQs

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Transportation MCQs

1 Which is the longest railway tunnel in world?

Gotthard Base Tunnel

2 Which is the longest train route in world?

Trans-Siberian Railway

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3 Where the world’s longest railway tunnel is located?


4 Where is the longest train route in world located?


5 Which is the deepest tunnel in the world?

Gotthard Base Tunnel

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6 What is the deepest tunnel in the world?

Gotthard Base Tunnel

7 What’s the longest underwater tunnel?

Seikan Tunnel

8 Where is Seikan Tunnel located in the world?


9 What is the longest man made tunnel?

Gotthard Base Tunnel

10 What is the length of Gotthard Base Tunnel?

57 KM

11 Which country has the largest rail network in the world?


12 Which is the longest nonstop flight?

Singapore Airlines (BBC 2018 report)

13 What is the longest car tunnel in the world?

Lærdal Tunnel

14 Where is the world longest car tunnel located?


15 Which is the deepest undersea road tunnel in the world?

Eiksund tunnel

16 Where is the world deepest undersea road tunnel located?


17 In which country will you find the world’s longest road tunnel?


18 In which country is the longest underwater rail tunnel The Seikan Tunnel situated?


19 What was the first steel bridge in the world?

Eads Bridge

20 What is longest bridge in the world?

Zhuhai Bridge

21 Where is world’s longest bridge?

Hong Kong

22 Which two countries are connected through the underwater tunnel?

France and Britain

23 Which is the busiest airport in the world 2018?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

24 Which airport has the most runways?

Chicago O’Hare International (8 runways)

25 Which airport has the longest runway?

Qamdo Bamda Airport (China)


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