What is New World Order (NWO)?

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What is New World Order (NWO)?

For the past 28 years, since 1990, the world political system has been in constant state of transition. When Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) dissolved in 1990’s many political analysts presented different political theories about the future of world. Some termed the event as the “End Of History” and predicted that in future no more political conflicts will take place while others called it the beginning of New World Order (NOW) but time showed that they all were wrong. In 1990’s if on one side USSR disintegrated on the other hand China sought a tremendous economic growth and emerged as new major political and economic player which not only proved political pandits wrong who had predicted the sole superiority of USA over the world political horizon for next few decades but she also filled the gap of political contester left vacant by USSR. 

Before the disintegration of USSR in 1990, world was under the political grip of two super power states. In East Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) had stronghold while in West United States of America (USA) along with her political allies were in power. Thus the world on the basis of political philosophies was divided into two poles, capitalism on one side and socialism on the other, a pattern called by political analysts as bipolarity.

However the world in 1990’s moved towards uni-polarity when USSR disintegrated and USA left as the only superpower state of the world. At this time many political scholars in West termed the transition process of world political system as New World Order and foretold a long political journey of uni-polarity under the US command ahead but such pattern did not last long when China in the early years of 2000 emerged as the world new economic giant. Now again we see that most people are calling the current political transition process as New World Order.

So What Exactly is New World Order?

There are different views about New World Order (NWO). One view is that New World Order is the process of redrawing the world’s political map. There are two implications of this view. One is that Asia in general and China in particular is once again emerging as the center of world’s excellence and secondly the world on political basis is moving towards multi-polarity with USA, Russia and China being the major players of world’s political arena.

Another view about the New World Order as per few political analysts is that NWO is that system which works on an agenda to ensure that “All losses be for the Muslims, all gains be for the West (Christians) and all power be for the Zionists (Jews).”

There is another view about NWO which is also sometimes called as Conspiracy Theory about New World Order. As per this theory the social, political and economic system of the world is controlled by a group of most powerful people who wants to establish their self-styled devil political system all over the world.

Effects Of New World Order On Pakistan And Muslim World

Based on first view mentioned above about New World Order the area of Muslims World including Pakistan would act as battlefield of influence for all the three major players USA, Russia and China. Each of these states would try to increase their influence in these states to enlist them as their allies and to use them later as buffer zones in case of conflict with any of the other two states.  

While New World Order based on ideas presented in second and third view aims at

  • Destroying the social, political and cultural setup of the Muslim World.
  • Weaken Muslim World by airing their mutual conflicts.
  • Weaken Islamic ideologies among Muslims particularly in youth.
  • To exploit the natural resources holding Muslim World.
  • To create such a chaos in Arab world that help Jews in creation of Greater Israel.

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