World MCQs

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World MCQs

1 Which oceans is the smallest?

Arctic Ocean

2 What is the highest location on Earth?

Mount Chimborazo

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3 What mountain is closest to the moon?

Mount Chimborazo

4 Which is the highest town in the world?


5 Which is the highest plateau on earth?


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6 What is the highest major city in the world?

El Alto.

7 What is the biggest city in the whole world?


8 What is the richest city in the world?

Chicago, USA.

9 What is the smallest city in the world?

Vatican City by area

10 What’s the most important city in the world?

New York City. Shutterstock.

11 Which city has the most billionaires?

San Francisco, 74 billionaires

12 Which country has the most billionaires?

USA (680)

13 Where is the biggest town in the world?


14 What is the least populated place on Earth?


15 What is the most advanced city in the world?

Tokyo, Japan

16 What’s the best city in the world?


17 What is considered the greatest city in the world?


18 Which is the most developed city of the world?


19 What is the most busy city in the world?

New York

20 What is the most wealthy city in the world?


21 What’s the most populated city in the world?


22 What is the biggest state in the whole wide world?


23 Which race has the highest population in the world?


24 What is the name of the smallest country in the world?

Vatican City

25 What city is the world’s most technically advanced megacity?



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