Problems With #MeToo Movement

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Problems With #MeToo Movement

Tarana Burke, an Afro American woman in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment launched a movement with the name of #Me Too to encourage women to speak up publically about their sexual molestation and to put an end to sexual abuse of women in America and around the world. Her movement could not get much public attention unless 2017 when on 5th October New York Times published a story containing a bundle of allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then the movement with the use of hash tag before its name has become very popular and now everybody around the globe talks about it. No doubt sexual harassment is a serious problem and it should be properly addressed in every society and movements such as Me Too are playing key role in getting public attention towards it but there is also other side of the picture and which too needs a thorough public attention. Me Too Movement is playing an important role in addressing the issue of sexual molestation of women but the movement too has some inherent weakness which should be solved before it leads to the creation of another problem in the society.

Understanding Gender Mainstreaming

Problems With #metoo Movement

Some problems linked to Me Too Movement are;

Me Too Campaign Pakistan

  • The number of sexual molestation cases reported on social websites are increasing day by day which shows the degree of severity of the issue but it in itself is also an issue which if not checked properly may have devastating results. There is an allegation game going on social media and there are no set rules to check who is saying truth and who is not?
  • Another inherent weakness of the movement is that its platform can be easily used by somebody to take her personal revenge by allegating a person publically for a crime that he might not have done. In such an unmanaged system of allegations there are high possibilities that innocent people may get victim of someone’s revenge.
  • In order to compel somebody to their terms, the platform can also be used as a tool by some members for blackmailing respected members of the society.
  • Movements such as Me Too and #Inkaar Karo (Pakistani version of the movement) are only encouraging women to speak up their sexual molestation stories but they are not really suggesting any steps how to properly address this problem in society?
  • As many members of the platform have alleged their fellow men workers for sexual harassment during office time for their mere asking of name, mobile number, inviting them to party or asking them to take a coffee with them. Keeping this in view how to differentiate between a friendly discussion and a discussion aimed at sexual molestation?

These are some of the inherent weaknesses in Me Too Movement that should be solved on emergency basis before it may led to the development of a new problem in mere reaction of the movement.

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