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Gender Studies Notes CSS

Gender Studies Notes CSS basically covers all those topics of the subject that have been mentioned in the syllabus of the subject. We have the following Gender Studies lectures for CSS.

Gender Studies is one of the optional subjects of CSS exam. For full notes of the subject please click on Gender Studies category in the above main menu.

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CSS Gender Studies Notes Free

gender studies notes css

There are the following Gender Studies Notes for CSS preparation.

Chapter: 1 Introduction To Gender Studies

Difference Between Gender And Women’s Studies

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Nature

Autonomy VS Integration Debate in Gender Studies

Status Of Women And Gender Studies in Pakistan

Chapter: 2 Social Construction Of Gender

Problematizing The Category Of Sex: Queer Theory Gender Studies Notes CSS

Is Sex Socially Determined Too?

Masculinities And Feminism

Nature VS Nurture Debate in Gender Studies

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