Multidisciplinary-Interdisciplinary Nature Of Gender Studies CSS

The post will help our readers to know about “The nature of Gender Studies. What is the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of Gender Studies and multidisciplinary vs interdisciplinary debate.”

Multidisciplinary-Interdisciplinary Nature Of Gender Studies

multidisciplinary interdisciplinary nature of gender studies

Understanding the nature of a discipline helps us to know better the subject, its scope and ultimate goals. Gender Studies is a field of social science. It deals with the understanding and analyzing of the social, cultural and biological setup of gender in our society. Understanding the nature of Gender Studies is as important for students as its study.  

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What is Multidisciplinary And Interdisciplinary?

Before analyzing the nature of Gender Studies, it is important to understand the difference between Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary nature of subjects.

A multidisciplinary subject is that in which people from different backgrounds having specialization in different fields of study work together and produces a combined piece of work. In multidisciplinary subject each persons added knowledge to the new discipline based on his/her understanding of the subject. Thus multidisciplinary in simple words is the combination and involvement of different academic disciplines and professionals in an approach to a problem or a topic.

An interdisciplinary subject on the other hand is that in which knowledge and methods from two or more academic disciplines are integrated into one activity. It is actually the combination and assimilation of knowledge of different fields of study to form a new science and field of study.

In interdisciplinary field idea and theories from existing fields are fitted in new one while in multidisciplinary field educators and scholars of different fields set together and produces new ideas and theories based on the knowledge of their respective fields.

Nature Of Gender Studies

Muhammad Nawaz Khalid Aarbi (M.Sc Gender and Women Studies) in his book “Gender Studies for CSS” has called Gender Studies an interdisciplinary field of study. According to him Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study because it includes idea and theories of Women’s studies concerning women, feminism, gender and politics. Similarly it also includes idea and theories of Men’s and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)Studies too.

Gender Studies is relatively a new field of study that came into being in 1990’s. Many new idea and theories of the subject are in development stages. It tracks many of its ideas from other fields of study which makes it an interdisciplinary field of social sciences. 

Importance Of Gender Studies

In today’s world gender related issues such as gender discrimination, gender based violence and other gender related issues have made Gender Studies an important discipline of modern world. It is a field of study that should be opted and studied at every level of schooling. It help us in better understanding the gender based nature of our society and social setup.

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