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Nairobi Women’s Conference 1985

In 1985 UN Third International Women’s Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Objective was to appraise and review the achievements of United Nations Decade for Women (1976-1985). Due to large number of representatives from both government and non government sectors, the Conference was referred to by some feminists as “The Birth of Global Feminism”.

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Some of the main points of Nairobi Women’s Conference 1985 are given below.

UN Failed To Achieve Objectives: Reports and data gathered by the United Nations revealed that improvement in women’s status and reduction in discrimination against women has benefited only a small percentage of women worldwide. This in short words mean United Nations objectives of the second half of the Decade for Women had not been met.

New Approach: Nairobi Conference was given mandate to adopt a new approach and seek ways to overcome obstacles to achieving the Decade Goals which were equality, development and peace. The new approach not only recognized women’s participation in decision making and handling of all human affairs as legitimate but also a social and political necessity.

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Recommended Measures: The Conference recommended the following three measures to governments for achieving the objectives.

  • Constitutional and legal steps
  • Equality in social participation
  • Equality in political participation and decision making

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The Nairobi Conference held an important position in UN Conferences on women. It not only reshaped the movement by introducing a new wider approach to the advancement of women but also declared all issues to be women’s issues.

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