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CSS Notes of all compulsory and optional subjects are available at Askedon. We have notes of Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Islamiat/Islamic Studies, Gender Studies and many other compulsory and optional subjects.

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We have compiled all our published notes topic and subject wise below to help you find and prepare them easily. You can prepare our published notes free of cost but cannot reproduce them in any format on the web. We possess the copyright of all our literary works.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs section contains notes on all important current social, political, religious and economic events that are occurring around the world today.

Pakistan Affairs CSS Notes

Pakistan Affairs Notes section contain notes on all those topics that have been mentioned in the syllabus of the subject as well as on those events that are occurring in the country today.


Our Islamiat Notes for Civil Superior Services exam preparation covers syllabus topics plus those events that are occurring around the world today.

CSS Essay Notes

We have a large number of full essays plus essays outlines at our blog. Most of these essays are those that have been previously asked in the papers.

Gender Studies

We have a large number Gender Studies notes for CSS preparation than any other blog. Our notes covers a major section of the syllabus of the subject.


CSS MCQs notes contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of CSS all compulsory and optional subjects.

Askedon team publishes every piece of work by keeping in mind the need and demand of students, test takers and job seekers. We are proud to claim that we have comparatively a huge bundle of Multiple Choice Questions and CSS Notes than any other such blog or website.

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