Hello Readers

Askedon, unlike all other such websites, provides you an opportunity to write for us and we will publish your post right away without making any major alterations in it. So seize the opportunity now and write on any topic related to any category and let the world know what your opinion is and what you think on a particular matter?

Below are some of the conditions for writing a post for Askedon. Please read them carefully before writing an article. 


The first and foremost important condition that Askedon’s team strictly follow is,  we do not publish any such post on our site that contains too much plagiarism strikes. So please avoid ”copy, paste” practice while writing your post. Rest of the conditions are;

  • Your post should be at least 400 to 500 words long (best length is 700-800 words).
  • While writing the post, please make sure to avoid basic grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • You must provide authentic facts and figures by mentioning the source of information.


  • You will be able to know what others think about your view and piece of work.
  • It will improve your writing and thinking skills.
  • It will also broaden your area of knowledge on the given topic.
  • Each of your article will be published with your name mentioned on the top of it.
  • After writing at least 3 – 5 articles we will add you to the group of our regular writers.

If you are interested and want to give a try then don’t waste time and start writing today. After completing your piece of work please send it at our email address (askedon1@gmail.com) with your name and profession mentioned at the top of it.

Hope to hear you SOON.