CSS Current Affairs Notes-CSS 2021

CSS Current Affairs Notes contain notes on all those current events that are occurring around the world today. Current events such as those related to society, economy, politics and religion falls in the scope of this category.

We have the following CSS Current Affairs Notes. Please note that our current affairs notes are not limited to the below mentioned topics. For all notes, please click on Current Affairs category in the main menu.

We have divided this post to Pages due to its length. Please Check our Current Affairs Notes on other pages. Page Numbers are available at the end of this post.

Islamophobia is Not Freedom Of Speech

Why Taliban Won The War

Impacts Of COVID-19 on Pakistan Economy

Impacts of COVID-19 on Social Life in Pakistan

The Emerging Threat Of Biological Warfare in 21st Century

Pakistan Turkey Relations – Two Countries One Nation

Flaws in Disaster Management Framework in Pakistan

COVID 19 And Looming Education Crisis

COVID-19 Pandemic A Divine Curse Or Cure?

COVID-19 Pandemic Myths And Reality

Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan

My Body My Choice Pakistan

Pakistan’s Islamism And India’s Secularism Are Dreams Unfulfilled

OIC Failed To Achieve Its Objectives

Why Kashmir Freedom Movement is Fruitless?

Promises Unfulfilled UN And Kashmir Issue

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