Islamophobia is Not Freedom Of Speech – 3 Points To Note

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Islamophobia is Not Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech means freedom of an individual or a community to express their opinion and ideas without any fear of retaliation and legal action. It is one of the basic human rights that every democratic state recognizes and tries to ensure. Problem with democratic form of statesmanship is, it still has many loopholes. One such problem is, it has left the principle of freedom of speech unchecked. Post 99/11, Muslim World has been targeted either directly or indirectly which has led to the rise of extremism and Islamophobia in the West. Islamophobia means fear or hatred and prejudice against the Muslims and religion of Islam especially when seen as a geopolitical force or a source of terrorism. The notion got much attention in the past two to five years especially when some politicians and head of states started backing it. Ex-President of USA, Donald Trump and French President Emanuel Macron are the two well-known examples of such case. In real terms, targeting and humiliating a group of people or a community in the name of freedom of speech is not freedom of speech at all.

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islamophobia is not freedom of speech

 By law every individual must have the right to say whatever in his/her mind but there should be some limitations to it. The person should not intentionally target a group of people or community and its culture, religion and other principles. When you target a community and its religion then it becomes marginalization not freedom of speech.

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Unfortunately, in West particularly in Europe, Islamophobia and religious bigotry in any form against Islam has always been sponsored and backed by the government of respective states in one way or another. In many European countries, while anti-Semitism is considered a crime, insulting Islam is allowed under the guise of freedom of expression. This is very strange to see that in many of these states any speech against the holocaust is considered a legal crime and strict actions are taken against the culprit but in case of Islam, they are completely silent.

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Similarly, an institutionalised hatred and biasedness against Muslims has ghettoised them. They have been isolated especially those Muslims living in European countries. There are different types of racism – faced by Jewish, Muslim and black communities – which have varying attributes. What connects these as racisms, is the common experience of isolation and discrimination.

Islamophobia in real terms is prejudice is against Islam and Muslims because it works on the principles of religious intolerance. Religious intolerance includes the denial of accepting the rights of people from other faiths and to express their faith freely.

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The representation of discourse related to Islam and Muslims is negative in Western media, and sometimes hostile where it incites hatred among viewers and readers. Edward Said argued that there is a clear depiction of imperialism in the West that divides the East from West and leads to further division of groups based on religion and race. The concept of “Other” among “Us” enhanced the marginalized status of Muslims.

The Government of Pakistan is continuously addressing the issue of combating Islamophobia through various international forums. There were many misconducts in Europe and the West in the name of freedom of speech that hurt the sentiments of all Muslims. As Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan wrote in a letter to all Muslim leaders to unite, as incidents that spread Islamophobia happen every other day. Not only this, Khan wrote a letter to social media heads to take down the Islamophobic content from all online platforms.

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